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Highland Whisky Samples

The Highlands, Scotland’s largest whisky-producing region, is known for its geographical diversity, which translates into a variety of flavour profiles. The samples offered by Drinks by the Dram encapsulate this diversity, from the heather-honey sweetness of Dalwhinnie in the central Highlands to the robust, maritime character of Old Pulteney hailing from the windswept northern coastline.

Each sample is a 3cl miniature, a sensible quantity that allows for a decent tasting experience – enough to understand the character of the whisky and appreciate its complexities. These drams provide an accessible entry point for those looking to deepen their appreciation for Highland malts or to simply enjoy a dram without the larger investment.

The experience of these samples goes beyond just tasting. It is an educational journey through one of Scotland’s most distinguished whisky regions. From the deep, rich fruitiness typical of whiskies from the Southern Highlands to the light, dry, and floral notes found in the northern areas, each sample reflects its terroir. The central and western parts of the Highlands offer drams that can be peaty and smoky, while the eastern Highlands are known for producing softer and more rounded malts.

For enthusiasts, the range of samples may include well-known distilleries as well as hidden gems, providing a comprehensive introduction to the Highland's single malts. The selection might feature age-statement whiskies, which have been matured for a specific number of years, or non-age-statement expressions that focus on the flavour profile and the skill of the distiller.

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