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Irish Whiskey Samples

We have a superb selection of 3cl samples of whiskey from across the Emerald Isle. The range highlights the diverse profiles of Irish spirits, allowing connoisseurs and casual drinkers to sample a wide array without the need for larger, more costly investments in full bottles.

The range is varied, representing the breadth of Irish whiskey craftsmanship. From the venerable triple-distilled offerings to the emerging single pot still varieties, each sample is a testament to Ireland's rich distilling heritage and innovation. The 3cl format is an ideal size for tasting, providing just enough of a sample to appreciate the nuances of each whiskey without being excessive.

Drinks by the Dram's selection also encompasses whiskeys that have been matured in an array of cask types, from the traditional ex-bourbon and sherry casks to those finished in barrels that previously held port, rum, or even stout, reflecting the experimental nature of modern Irish whiskey makers. This diversity allows for a rich exploration of flavours, from the vanilla and caramel notes that are characteristic of American oak, to the fruitier, spicier touches imparted by European oak.

This sampling range includes offerings from both the giants of the industry and the artisanal, boutique distilleries that contribute to the tapestry of Irish whiskey. Such inclusivity introduces enthusiasts to the depth and variety of Ireland’s whiskey scene, from the ubiquitously smooth blends to the robust single malts and grains that are earning the country new acclaim.

Presented in handsome packaging, each dram is a miniature representation of its full-sized counterpart, complete with detailed labelling that informs the taster of the whiskey's provenance, age (if applicable), and the primary flavour notes. The integrity of the whiskey is preserved with a robust seal, ensuring that the spirit's character remains intact until it's ready to be enjoyed.

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