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Vodka Samples

Drinks by the Dram has ingeniously captured the spirit of exploration and discovery with their range of 3cl samples of vodka, providing enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike the chance to experience the diverse world of this clear spirit without the commitment to a full-sized bottle. This innovative approach allows one to traverse the globe through vodka, sampling a wide array of vodkas that are as varied as the regions from which they hail.

Crafted from a plethora of base ingredients such as grains, potatoes, and even grapes, each vodka sample in Drinks by the Dram's collection carries with it a unique profile. From the creamy, earthy tones that can be found in potato-based vodka to the sharp, clean finish characteristic of a rye vodka, the spectrum of tastes and aromas is surprisingly broad.

These small 3cl drams encapsulate not only the liquid but also the heritage of each vodka. The collection includes vodkas that have been distilled multiple times for utmost purity and those that retain a more complex, robust character thanks to traditional distillation methods. Some samples might come from distilleries that have been perfecting their craft for hundreds of years in Poland and Russia, the heartlands of vodka, while others could be from newer, artisanal producers from non-traditional locations who are pushing the boundaries and challenging the preconceptions of what vodka can be.

In this collection, one might find vodkas that have undergone innovative filtration processes like lava rock or silver, resulting in a silky smooth mouthfeel. There might be vodkas that have rested in barrels, adopting whispers of oak and whispers of vanilla, challenging the idea that aged spirits are the sole province of whiskies and rums.

The beauty of Drinks by the Dram's offering lies in the opportunity to indulge in a tasting journey that is both educational and pleasurable. One can arrange a private tasting session, comparing the clear, crisp notes of a traditional Russian vodka against the more nuanced, herbal notes of a Scandinavian variety or the sweet, toasted warmth of a bourbon cask-aged American vodka. It's a chance to appreciate the subtle differences influenced by distillation techniques, base ingredients, and geographical origin.

The packaging of these 3cl drams is designed to preserve the integrity of the vodka, ensuring that each sample arrives in prime condition, ready to be enjoyed. Each dram is a doorway to discovery, a miniature masterclass on what vodka has to offer. Whether sipped neat, over ice or used as the cornerstone of a refined cocktail, these vodkas are showcased in their purest form.

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