Ryoma 7 Year Old Japanese Rum 70cl

Japanese Rum • 70cl • 40%
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Ryoma 7 Year Old Japanese Rum
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Country Japanese Rum
Distillery/Brand Kikusui Shuzo
Style Dark Rum

Ryoma 7 Japanese Rum

When you think of rum, what's the first country that comes to mind? That's right, Japan! Well that's exactly where this Ryoma 7 year old rum is from. The sugarcane used to make the Ryoma is grown by the oldest sugarcane farm in Japan. After distillation, it rests for 7 years in oak barrels. It's full of rich vanilla and caramel notes that fans of Caribbean rum will find familiar and delicious.

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Reviews for Ryoma 7 Year Old Japanese Rum
Lovely refined sipping rum
Incredible. I don't like many rums but this one you drink on its own. True sipping rum.
Rax , United Kingdom
one year ago
If you like smooth and round tasting rum this is NOT it! My GOD What an awful taste! It is like tequila, only the aftertaste never goes Away! Do not buy!!!
Freddy Lillevik , Norway
2 years ago
Get something dbetter and cheaper
Very strange very much like whisky would rather buy 2 bottles of bumbu for the price
Sam , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Sharp and too whisky like.
Came across it by accident and had to try it. Almost indistinguishable from whisky, tastes rather nice and has a sharpness to it. But it did not have the rum flavour and smoothness I was hoping for.

Perhaps poor research on my part.
Master of Malt Customer
4 years ago
No more
Rum for people ho font sent to drink rum
Only just to have a buttle.
Smale and taste.....yes you understand
Jocke , Sweden
4 years ago
Not a Rum
This is a very particular liquor. I bought a bottle expecting something along the lines of Japanese single malt: a rather atypical, but very refined version of the traditional drink. Well, refined and atypical this is, but it's not rum. I would describe it as a double distilled kind of sake (someone mentioned Grappa, I say sake, but the general idea is the same). It has none of the sugarcane flavour that is a prerequisite of good rum. Personally I feel no trace of the freshly cut cane taste described in another review here, and I’ve had fresh cane juice. What I get instead is a saltiness that overpowers everything, followed by a very slight smokiness. The fusel tone also mentioned earlier is certainly there. This drink reminds me of some Bruichladdich varieties more than anything else. Think of pure malt aged (but not enough) in old barrels on the seaside. So it’s a clear, salty, whiskey-like drink, but rum, in the proper sense of the term, this is not. If you like quality idiosyncratic drinks, give it a try. If you want rum, get something else.
ruritanian , France
6 years ago
Yes, very different
Colour: Very pale

Bouquet: Smells very much like a fine Grappa, a distinct "raw" smell, almost fusel, as it was not quite ready yet.

Taste: The Swedish whisky maker Mackmyra has one or two whisky that has matured on oak casks. The taste is very similar to this rum and I must say that the similarity to one of those is much closer than to any rum I've ever tasted.

Overall an okey spirit, but if you are looking for a sweet and round rum, look elsewhere.
Master of Malt Customer
7 years ago
Really different...
I offered this bottle to a friend that is fan of rum. We were really surprised about this rum that doesn't taste like anything we were used to. The color is really clear, almost transparent and the taste is quite strong. We didn't really like it but I guess we were not prepared to that. I have to taste it again.
Master of Malt Customer
8 years ago
I was disapointed...
I'm a rum drinker, but this rum has a distinct whiskey quality to it (tang). The colour is very pale and the taste very strong. It may be more suited to rum & cola, but I haven't yet tried that combination. I decided to buy it after a I bought a Yamazaki 12 year old whiskey as a gift which was soooo smooth that it was like drinking velvet.
Clive W , United Kingdom
9 years ago
A very interesting Japanese rum
This rum is quite light, and has a definite, slightly floral taste of freshly cut cane. Very high quality rum, non-sweetened and true. Recommended unless you want just very powerful flavours.
Master of Malt Customer
9 years ago