Iguana Rum 70cl

Panamanian Rum • 70cl • 40%
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Iguana Rum
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Country Panamanian Rum
Distillery/Brand Iguana Rum
Style Dark Rum

Iguana Rum

Iguana Rum is distilled in Panama, though it is made from a traditional recipe brought over from Cuba. Look, there's even a friendly iguana on the label to keep you company while you sip this delicious rum, either on the rocks or in your favourite rum cocktail.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Well rounded, with natural sugarcane sweetness and prominent vanilla alongside oak spiciness.

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This product does not contain any notifiable allergens
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Reviews for Iguana Rum
Fabulous different flavours on the tongue tempting 😋 to drink it all
My rum arrived yesterday and it is stunning the flavours are very smooth I had to cork it back before I kept drinking 🍸
Graham Joseph Green , United Kingdom
2 years ago
nice budget Rum
A nice budget Rum, flavoured and sweetened, but not overly so. Vanilla is the obvious flavour, but it is not over the top like many others. very good to sip neat in this price range. 40% and great value for the money.
Kenneth B , United Kingdom
2 years ago
An under the radar gem
You have COVID if you don't think this tastes or smells like rum.

Its one of the best 5yr old rums that I've tried so far & it stays well under the radar for most. It's well balanced, flavoursome, & has enough length & smoothness to be enjoyed neat (for a youngish spirit - paying more obviously gets you more in that dept). Given the price, you won't be phased at using it with cocktails or mixers at all.

Steven Slater , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Excellent value!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beware of first impressions! Initially I was far from impressed with this rum. For starters it’s rather pale and looks nothing like a rum you’d get served in your local pub. Sniffing it did little to reassure me that this was, in fact, rum. Sadly, for me, worse was to come when I took a sip because I couldn’t even taste rum. The budget price had persuaded me to invest in 2 bottles; who could I give the second bottle to as a Christmas gift?????
Over the next hour I continued to sip my way through perhaps half of the double I’d originally put in my rum glass. Something weird was happening! Not only was this now smelling like rum, it was awakening my taste buds and I was thoroughly enjoying every sip. This is a very smooth and well-rounded rum, albeit not what I had expected. If this is Panamanian Rum, then bring it on.
Excellent value for money and I would rate this against several 5 & even a couple of 12 year old rums out there, that cost twice as much.
Roy H , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Absolutely delicious for sipping and mixing, incredible value
Been looking for an excellent rum at a decent price for both sipping and mixing and this one takes the prize. Lovely caramel and vanilla, demerara sugar, bit of marzipan and banana perhaps, with a rich mouthfeel. On the sweeter side but not overly sweet and wonderfully complex.
Mathias Uller R , United Kingdom
2 years ago
Amazing flavour for the price
I’m a big fan of the Plantation 5 year old and I think this comes very close in terms of flavour and taste but for quite a bit cheaper. Enough going on to drink neat, too good a flavour for a mixer!
Ned , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Given away
I read the reviews of this rum and thought I would go with it and try something new. Sadly this is not to my pallet. It lacks depth, flavour and texture, and is cheap on the nose. I have given it a couple of goes, but it still falls short of a drinkable rum for me. This has been given away to a neighbour.
Tim , United Kingdom
3 years ago
Fantastic rum for this price
Fantastic rum for the price. Very impressed.
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
A steal at this price
It's really good rum for a daily and you will watch the bottle disappear scary fast on a long night as it just slides down
Master of Malt Customer
3 years ago
A great rum
Very very good rum sweet smooth taste at a very good price.
David M , United Kingdom
3 years ago