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Highland Spirit

In the Highlands of Scotland, a region revered for its whisky production, there exists a burgeoning world of alcoholic spirits that extend beyond the traditional realms of whisky. These spirits, including botanical spirits and new make spirits, showcase the region's versatility and innovation in the craft of distillation. While whisky might be the Highland's most famous export, these alternative spirits are gaining acclaim, offering a diverse and exciting exploration into Scotland's rich distilling heritage.

Botanical Spirits from the Highlands are a testament to the natural bounty of the region. The vast and varied landscapes of the Highlands, from its rugged coastlines to its heather-clad moors, provide a wealth of botanicals that are creatively used in spirit production.

New make spirits, the clear, unaged distillate that is the precursor to whisky, are also a significant part of the Highland's spirit repertoire. While these spirits do not meet the age requirements to be classified as whisky, they offer a unique insight into the foundational flavours of Scotland's national drink. New make spirits from the Highlands are characterised by their purity and intensity, providing a direct expression of the raw ingredients and distillation methods. These spirits can vary greatly in taste, from sweet and fruity to rich and malty, depending on the production techniques and the specific characteristics of each distillery's location.

The production of these spirits is a blend of tradition and modernity. Many Highland distilleries have been in operation for centuries, perfecting their craft over generations. These traditional techniques are now being applied to the creation of new and innovative spirits, combining the best of old-world craftsmanship with contemporary creativity.

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