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Our Whisky New Arrivals page is updated almost every single day. We recommend checking it every morning, just as you would the news. Although, do the news first, then navigate here for something a little more uplifting!
Whisky (or whiskey), depending upon its geographical provenance constantly evolving and so distilleries and bottlers are constantly putting out new releases of single malt whisky, bourbon, blended whisky, and more.

Look no further than Scotland to see a fantastic example of this. Its latest regional styles of whisky vary from the smoky, oily, and coastal drams of Laphroaig or Ardbeg, to the sherry-infused Speyside malts like those of Macallan and Glenfarclas.

Over the pond, American whiskey is something else entirely, constantly offering up sweet, rich, vanilla-laden notes that only maturation in toasted virgin oak can bring. In Kentucky alone, you’ll find a gamut from the soft, creamy, “wheated” bourbons of Maker’s Mark, to the more intense, spicy, rye-influenced sprits of Four Roses, to the oily, herbal, woody, cinnamon flavours of a Wild Turkey.

Notably in Japan, though of course in numerous nations including places like India and Taiwan, Asia has really grabbed the attention of whisky lovers and critics alike. Distilleries such as Yamazaki and Hakushu in Japan, or Kavalan in Taiwan, have picked up shelffuls of awards, sometimes even beating their Scottish and Irish counterparts in competitions.

This is similarly the case in India, where distilleries like Amrut produce some beautiful new whiskies, with a bold and often tropical style. You’ll find some great recent examples being made in Australia and Tasmania too, from the likes of Hobart and Sullivan’s Cove. These spirits, while Scottish in inspiration, take on all the character and flavour of the terroir Down Under, and are unique and quite astonishing.

In fact, there are dozens of countries around the world distilling excellent whisky (or, whiskey, as the case may be), from Germany and Finland, to Sweden and France. So, keep watching this space, check back often, set a daily reminder… whatever you need to do…

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