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New Rum Arrivals

With so many distilleries in so many places, there is a huge amount of rum out there. In fact, we have new rums up on the site almost every day!

To give you a better idea of what each of our new rum arrivals tastes like, here's a quick overview of what our latest rum styles consist of.

New Rum from around the world
Our new arrivals span the globe, from the sugarcane fields of Barbados and the Dominican Republic to the distilleries of Cuba, and even the experimental artisans in Australia. Whether British, Spanish, or French in persuasion, you’ll find the unique influence of the terroir (the environment and microclimate of a distillery), as well as the specific machinery and processes employed.

New Spanish Rum
Spanish ron (rum) is found across the Spanish-speaking world, particularly Latin America and the Caribbean. These rums are notable for their softer, lighter, generally sweeter style, thanks to a mix of both the column stills used in distillation, the use of the Spanish solera method for ageing the spirit, as well as utilising sugar molasses as the raw ingredient. Take a look below at some great new Spanish rums.

New British Rum
British rum is a classic, historic style, and its story is very much associated with that of the Royal Navy. It is distilled from molasses, however, rather than column stills, British rum tends to be distilled in pot stills before oak maturation. This offers a far richer spirit, with plenty of spice, as well as the unique “funk” note (an ester-driven flavour reminiscent of overripe fruit and umami - it’s really rather intriguing).

You can also find Navy Strength rum, which is a wonderful spirit of around 57% ABV. It makes for a rather potent potable, well suited to cocktails thanks to its intensity and flavour. Great rum nations making spirit in the British style include Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda, Jamaica, and Barbados.

New French Rum
Also known as Rhum Agricole, French-style rum traces its origins back centuries. It owes its unique style to a time when the sugarcane market value in the Caribbean had dropped so low that rum production was deemed more profitable. Rhum Agricole is made and matured in a uniquely French style, not unlike that of Armagnac or Cognac. It has a distinct herbal flavour and can enjoyed both in cocktails and neat.

Whether from the Caribbean or anywhere for that matter, there is astonishing new rum released every day.

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