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Mineral Water

Mineral Water is such a simple, obvious sort of thing that it is often overlooked, but when compared with tap water it makes you realize just how rare a commodity pure, natural water really is.

This is a whisky site, of course, and many of you will drink your whisky with water, or ice. It is so important to use good water, because of the number of additives and chemicals in tap water.

It is always a good idea to drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink, both for your health, but also as a palate cleanser. We have a range of mineral waters, and the breadth of different flavours is astonishing – try Chateldon, a lightly carbonated French water with a salty feel, or Malmberg, a Swedish water with a surprisingly citrussy taste.

Did you know?... ... Vichy Catalan is a Spanish water and is one of several bottled waters which are naturally sparkling – it literally comes out of the ground with bubbles in it!

Mineral Water

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The Uisge Source company produces a very good range of mineral waters specially bottled to be paired with whisky. This was bottled from St Colman's Well, Ross-Shire, and its hard character and rich...  More info
This was specially bottled by Uisge Source to allow whisky drinkers the chance to enjoy their Scotch with water from the same region. This was bottled at the Ardilistry Spring on Islay and it's very...  More info
This was bottled by Uisge Source as the very best water with which to enjoy a fine Scotch whisky - and what better water to use than one from the same region as that favourite tipple! This was bottled...  More info
420 Still
(82cl, 0%)
A "super premium" water. This is bottled from the 420 spring, at the base of the South Islands Bank Peninsula - which is an extinct volcano. This is a very soft water, low in minerals and nitrates.  More info
Antipodes Sparkling
(100cl, 0%)
A Kiwi water from the Bay of Plenty in Whakatane (pronounced "FARK-ah-TAR-nay"). Antipodes water comes from a deep aquifer, and this is lightly sparkling, very refreshing.  More info
Antipodes Still
(100cl, 0%)
A lovely mineral flavour, Antipodes is a very high quality ground water from the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.  More info
This water is selected with the sole purpose in mind that it is to be added to whisky. So if you've had enough of adding tap water or bland mineral waters this might be the very thing to water your...  More info
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(100cl, 0%)
Chateldon offers a distinct flavour. There is an almost salty feel on the tongue, a very soft water, light carbonation. This is naturally carbonated as it passes through the rocks of the...  More info
Iskilde Sparkling
(100cl, 0%)
A sparkling version of Denmark's Iskilde, the addition of carbonation makes this a wonderfully refreshing water.  More info
Iskilde Still
(100cl, 0%)
From an artesian source discovered in 2001, Iskilde is Danish for "Ice Spring", as it emerges at just 3 degrees Celsius. The water dates from the last Ice Age. A very mineral rich water with a creamy...  More info
Malmberg Original
(75cl, 0%)
A lightly carbonated water from Sweden, this has an almost citrus like taste thanks to the carbonation and low mineral content.  More info
Malmberg Still
(75cl, 0%)
A Swedish water from an artesian well which formed around 5 millennia ago. The source is just across from the Absolut distillery. Malmberg has a very low salt content.  More info
Saint Geron
(75cl, 0%)
A naturally carbonated water, with very fine bubbles. This has an almost sweet character, with a long finish. A very enjoyable water which has been naturally filtered for over a millennium, leaving it...  More info
The source for Solé Arte is situated at the base of a series of limestone hills. The Roman Soldiers used to drink water from the source. The sparkling variety is soft and gently carbonated. A long...  More info
Solé Arte Still
(75cl, 0%)
A beautiful bottle with artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci, he referred to water as "vetturale di natura" - the vehicle of nature. This is a crisp, balanced water, slightly sweet to taste. There is no...  More info
Vichy Catalan
(100cl, 0%)
A mineral-rich Spanish water, Vichy Catalan is naturally sparkling water, with a very rich texture.  More info
A very pure water from the south of Norway. This sparkling version of VOSS is "augmented with bicarbonates".  More info
VOSS is a Norwegian water sourced from an underground aquifer. This is a very soft water, free from sodium. This is one of the purest waters on the market. The bottle was designed by Neil Kraft, who...  More info
(50cl, 0%)
A French mineral water from a 9 meter deep aquifer, surrounded by thousands of hectares of national park. This is a soft water with hints of sweetness and a chalky finish. Free from nitrates.  More info
This comes from 15,000 year old springs in Somerset, Whitehole Springs sparkling has very small bubbles, the carbonation brings out the natural sweetness.  More info
A still water from the Whitehole springs, which are located in Somerset. Very refreshing and slightly sweet.  More info

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