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The Spirit of Götaverken

The Spirit of Götaverken is a Swedish Snaps. It celebrates the maritime history of the Götaverken shipyard in Gothenburg, Sweden. This shipyard was once one of the world's biggest. The snaps honours the shipbuilders' spirit and Sweden's close ties to its coastal waters.

Swedish Snaps, or 'snaps', is key in Swedish culture. It has been around for centuries. Snaps are small, strong drinks. They have 30% to 38% alcohol by volume. They are usually flavoured with herbs, spices, or fruits. In the 16th century, people used snaps for medicine. They thought it helped with digestion. People drink it before or after meals to help with appetite or digestion. That's why it's called 'snaps'.

The Spirit of Götaverken snaps has a clear, crisp taste. Its flavour comes from botanical infusions. To make Swedish Snaps, you infuse ingredients in a neutral spirit like vodka. Then you let it rest to blend the flavours. After this, you filter the liquid and sometimes add a bit of sweetener before bottling.

Swedish Snaps is a part of the festive smörgåsbord. It's common during Midsummer, Christmas, and Easter. It's usually cold and served in small glasses. People often sing a 'snapsvisa' - a snaps song - before sipping or drinking it together. Snaps is a big part of Swedish social life. Each toast is about friendship and fun.

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