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Stroh Inländer

Stroh is a famous Austrian spirit with a unique character. It started in the early 19th century and is now a key part of Austrian culture. It is known worldwide for its distinct taste and versatility.

Sebastian Stroh created Stroh rum in 1832. He used Austrian schnapps-making methods and local ingredients. This made his rum different from Caribbean rums in taste and character.

Stroh rum has a high alcohol content and a strong flavour. It tastes of spices, sweetness, and nuts. You can taste vanilla, oak, and dried fruits in it. People use it in baking, cooking, and cocktails to add a rich taste.

The packaging is also unique. Its bottle and bold colours are easy to recognise. The brand's logo and imagery have stayed the same, showing a commitment to tradition.

Stroh rum is not just for drinking. In Austria and Europe, people use it in desserts like Rumkugeln and Jagertee, a drink for after skiing. It adds rich flavours to food and drinks.

The rum has many fans. Its alcohol content varies from 40% to 80% ABV. This strong spirit has a distinct taste, making it a favourite among rum lovers.

The history of Stroh rum shows its ability to overcome challenges. It survived two World Wars and market changes. Today, Stroh rum is more than a spirit. It's part of Austrian heritage, loved by rum fans globally.

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