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Marcel Trépout Armagnac

Marcel Trépout Armagnac, a renowned French brand, produces one of the country's oldest brandies. Based in Gascony, South West France, it's known for quality and tradition. The region's rich soil and climate are perfect for growing the grapes used in Armagnac.

Trépout has a decades-long history. They use artisanal methods. They also carefully select grapes like Ugni Blanc, Baco Blanc, and Folle Blanche from Gascony vineyards. These grapes form the base wine for distillation.

They distil their Armagnac in traditional copper alembic stills. The single distillation method gives it a robust and complex flavour. Unlike cognac, Armagnac is distilled once, maintaining more character and aromas. It ages in oak barrels, gaining flavours of vanilla, spices, and dried fruits. Some vintages age for decades, developing perfect balance and roundness.

Marcel Trépout Armagnacs are known for their exquisite taste and smoothness. Each bottle reflects the region's terroir and the distiller's skill. They offer a range of Armagnacs, from younger, vibrant blends to older, complex vintages. Each has unique tasting notes and characteristics. Connoisseurs appreciate their full-bodied texture and the long, quality finish.

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