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The word Kokomo probably makes you think of The Beach Boys’ song*, but it’s not the only tropical love letter of that name. Kokomo, (the drink) is a light coconut rum released by Halewood International brands. It’s designed to make the consumer dream of tropical places, some paradise island to escape the dreary work life. A holiday in a bottle, if you will. Not that you can’t drink it at home - but it’s probably better to at least wait until it’s sunny outside.

Remember that when you have a taste, (perhaps with a pineapple juice), that you can get there fast, or take it slow, wherever you’ll want to go. Just do it with a Kokomo**.

*Despite one of the song’s co-writers, John Phillips, believing he made the title up, Kokomo is actually a real place in the Florida Keys. It’s a resort area on the island of Islamorada about 25 miles south of Key Largo. Let’s face it, we’ll never ever go there. At least the drink represents an attainable goal.

**I won’t respond to rumours these are just lyrics from the aforementioned song.


70cl, 17.5%

Kokomo is a Caribbean drink with coconut flavour, not a wakamomo flavoured drink as we'd first hoped. What are wakamomos, you ask? Why they're early-picked Japanese peaches. Obviously.  More info


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