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Ketel One

Ketel One is a premium vodka brand from the Netherlands. The Nolet Distillery, a family business over 325 years old, makes it. The Nolet family has been distilling since 1691 when Joannes Nolet opened his distillery in Schiedam.

The name "Ketel One" comes from their original coal-fired copper pot still, Distilleerketel #1. This still has been key in making their vodka smooth. Ketel One is made through a careful distillation process. This includes both traditional pot still craft and modern methods. Every batch is tested by a Nolet family member to ensure quality.

The vodka uses European wheat. This gives the vodka a slight sweetness and smoothness. Their careful filtration process results in a silky feel and a crisp finish. This has won praise from critics and consumers.

Ketel One focuses on quality over quantity. Their dedication to a pure and smooth taste has made them popular. Ketel One is great for sipping neat or in cocktails. It's versatile and a staple in bars and homes worldwide.

The company has also responded to health-conscious trends. They launched Ketel One Botanical. This line features vodka with real botanicals and natural fruit essences. It comes in flavours like Cucumber & Mint and Peach & Orange Blossom. These offer a fresh, lower-calorie choice without added sugar.

The Nolet family works to reduce their environmental impact. They reuse waste from distilling as livestock feed and use energy-efficient technology.

Ketel One stands out for its heritage, smooth spirit, and approach to innovation and sustainability. It's enjoyed in cocktails or on its own. Ketel One maintains the Nolet family's tradition of quality. It remains a top choice in the spirits industry.

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