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Delord Armagnac was founded in 1893 by Prosper Delord, who started as an itinerant distiller, travelling from farm to farm with his still. His passion and skill for distillation led to the establishment of the Delord distillery in the village of Lannepax. The Delord family, through generations, has continued this legacy, combining age-old traditions with a deep understanding of the Armagnac-making process.

Production Process

The production of Delord Armagnac involves meticulous steps. It starts with the selection of grapes, primarily from the Bas-Armagnac region known for its sandy soils that impart a delicate and fruity character to the brandy. The traditional grape varieties used include Ugni Blanc, Baco, Colombard, and Folle Blanche.

After the fermentation of the grapes, the wine is distilled using a continuous column still, a method unique to Armagnac production. This single distillation process, typically occurring between 52% and 60% alcohol, allows for the preservation of the rich and fruity aromas of the grapes.

The heart of Delord's craftsmanship lies in the ageing process. The distilled spirit is aged in oak barrels, where it develops its colour, complexity, and flavour profile over time. Delord is known for its extensive ageing process, with some Armagnacs maturing for several decades. This ageing imparts notes of vanilla, spice, and dried fruits, creating a rich and nuanced spirit.

Product Range

Delord offers a range of Armagnacs, from younger expressions that showcase the fresh and fruity characteristics of the grape to older vintages that demonstrate the complexity and depth achieved through prolonged ageing. Their collection includes vintage Armagnacs, representing specific harvest years, as well as blends where different vintages are combined to achieve a harmonious and balanced profile.

Tasting Experience

Tasting a Delord Armagnac is an experience of elegance and depth. Younger vintages exhibit vibrant fruit flavours and a certain vivacity, while older ones present a symphony of flavours like caramel, toffee, nuttiness, and a mellow smoothness that speaks of their time in the oak.

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