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Bulldog Gin

Established by creator Mr. Vohra in 2006, there is some debate as to origin of the name of Bulldog Gin. Some suggest that it is a reference to the British canine. For anyone who isn’t British and has no idea why a gin would model itself after a dog: the bulldog has become something of an icon in British national culture, symbolising pluck, courage and stubborn determination.

Others say it is to honour former prime minister Winston Churchill, who, with his jowly face, stocky build and sheer bloody-mindedness in World War II made him an almost living embodiment of the heroic hound. It’s not worth forgetting too that this is a man who once said, “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen's lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire”, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a gin brand was made in his honour.

Regardless, the brand is clearly image conscious - the distinct black bottle is as good an example of this as any - and retains a keen sense to embody a notion of Britishness at its core.

There is substance among this style, however, and Bulldog Gin has had an impressive amount of success since its release. In 2008, Bulldog received the highest ever rating by a gin from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 92 points, at the time of launch, thanks - in part - to the unique blend of botanicals.

Among juniper there are lotus leaves, poppy and dragon eye* to name but a few of the more unusual of the 12 botanicals, all of which are quadruple-distilled to create an original flavour profile and a quite delicious gin.

*It’s a cousin of the lychee fruit, this isn’t a witches brew.

Bulldog Gin

70cl, 40%

A delicious English gin made with poppy, dragon eye, lotus leaves, citrus, almond, lavender and various other botanicals (12 in total). This is four times distilled in copper pot stills, and Bulldog…  More info

Bulldog Gin

Bulldog Bold

100cl, 47%

Bottled at a higher proof, Bulldog Bold is a full-flavoured version of Bulldog gin, which already has a chock-a-block palate of dragon eye, citrus, poppy seed and a hearty handful of juniper berries.…  More info

Bulldog Bold

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