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Darkness Whisky presents a range of exceptionally rich and complex whiskies known for their distinctive sherry-influenced character. These whiskies are matured in specially selected casks that have a profound impact on the spirit, imparting deep, rich, and often luxuriant flavours.

The hallmark of Darkness Whisky is its commitment to finishing whiskies in sherry casks of various types, such as Pedro Ximénez, Oloroso, and sometimes even rare Moscatel casks. These casks are often of exceptional quality and smaller in size, sometimes referred to as "octaves", which have a much higher wood-to-whisky ratio. The result is a rapid, intense maturation that imbues the spirit with a robust sherry character.

Darkness Whisky offers an array of aged single malts and single grains, each demonstrating a masterful interplay between the distillery's intrinsic flavours and the rich, sweet, and spicy notes contributed by the sherry wood. They may vary in terms of age and the type of sherry cask used, but the resulting whiskies commonly showcase dense fruitcake flavours, a profusion of spicy notes, and a deeply satisfying richness.

This extensive sherry cask influence is the signature trait of Darkness Whisky, setting it apart from other whiskies on the market. Often, these whiskies have a darker hue, alluding to the substantial impact of the cask. This presentation is a visual and flavourful testament to the name "Darkness".

The brand also prides itself on its cask strength releases, which allow enthusiasts to experience the whisky in its most unadulterated form. These expressions are bottled at the natural strength they reached in the cask, without dilution, offering a more intense and immersive tasting experience.

Darkness Whisky caters to aficionados who savour the rich, opulent side of scotch and are seeking a dram with a pronounced sherry profile. Whether it's the casual whisky drinker or the serious collector, Darkness offers something that appeals to a range of palates, consistently delivering quality and complexity.

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