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Dutch Liqueurs

This page will take you through the wonderful and suitably eccentric world of Dutch liqueurs. However, if you want to learn about jenever then there is a separate place for that, which you can find if you just click here: I want to learn about jenever.

Besides which, there’s plenty more to the Dutch and its liquereues than just jenever. In fact, respected brands like Bols and De Kuyper have done a damn fine job of bringing splendid liqueurs to the world.

At MoM Towers, we have a refined selection of popular fruit-based liqueurs such as Ursus Roter Sloe Berries, Heering Cherry Liqueur and De Kuyper Raspberry Liqueur, as well as creme de cacaos from the likes of the aforementioned Bols and plenty of traditional Dutch liqueurs to boot.

Oranjebitters are an example of the latter, as they date all the way back to the 1600s. The bitter orange liqueur (the clue was in the name, to be honest) was created to honor the battles won by Prince Frederik Hendrik and become a favorite for King’s Day celebration, with its iconic orange colour proving oddly popular in the Netherlands... Plenty of Dutch producers still release bottlings such as the beautiful Van Wees Oranje Bitter.

Another traditional Dutch liqueur is Advocaat, an alcohol made from eggs, sugar and brandy to create drinks like this charming effort. The word Advocaat means ‘lawyer’ in Dutch, and the name derived from the fact that is was popular with attorneys preparing for trials back in the 1800s.

There is also Korenwijn, a jenever derivative that is more like a malt wine (hence the name) made with various grains, like the sumptuous Zuidam Korenwijn 1 Year Old, as well as Beerenburg, a spiced liqueur originally created by a merchant in Amsterdam, such as sublime Hooghoudt Kalmoes Beerenburg. With so much variation and fun to be had, it’s really about time you summoned up some of that famous courage and dove into the deep and delicious world of Dutch liqueurs!

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