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English Rosé Cider

English rosé cider, a delightful and relatively new addition to the cider market, offers a unique twist on traditional cider varieties. This beverage combines the charm of classic English cider with a modern, aesthetically pleasing rosé hue, capturing the attention of cider enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

The production of English rosé cider typically starts with the selection of specific apple varieties, chosen for their flavour and colour characteristics. While traditional English ciders often use a blend of bittersweet and sharp apples, rosé cider may include red-fleshed apple varieties, such as Redlove or Niedzwetzkyana, which naturally impart a pinkish hue to the cider. Alternatively, some producers achieve the rosé colour by blending apple cider with a small amount of red berry or grape juice, adding both colour and a subtle berry flavour.

The fermentation process for English rosé cider is similar to that of traditional ciders. It involves the careful fermentation of apple juice under controlled conditions, preserving the delicate flavours and aromas of the apples. The resulting cider is typically light, with a balance of sweetness and acidity, and a gentle effervescence.

In terms of flavour, English rosé cider often showcases a refreshing and fruity profile, with notes of red berries, apple, and hints of floral or citrus undertones. The berry or grape addition not only contributes to the colour but also adds an extra layer of complexity to the taste. This makes rosé cider a delightful and easy-to-drink option, especially during warmer months.

The popularity of English rosé cider is also due in part to its visual appeal. The pink colour makes it a trendy choice for social occasions and outdoor gatherings. Its light, refreshing nature pairs well with a variety of foods, including light salads, seafood, and soft cheeses, making it a versatile choice for dining.

English rosé cider represents a successful fusion of traditional cider-making techniques with contemporary preferences. Its appealing colour, refreshing taste, and suitability for a variety of occasions have helped it carve out a distinct niche in the cider market, attracting both traditional cider lovers and those looking for something new and different.

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