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Cognac has long since been heralded as the most revered spirit in the world and its reputation is second to none. It is interesting to learn that Cognac was one of the last regions in France to begin distilling; it was during the 17th century that Cognac production got underway in earnest.

The drink is produced in the town of Cognac to the very west of France, and it has had a recent surge in popularity and the famed Cognac houses - including Hennessy, Hine, Martell and Rémy Martin – have become household names.

Cognac is distilled from a selection of grape varietals, with Ugni Blanc being the most popular. The first step is to press and ferment the grapes to make wine. It is worth mentioning that good Cognac grapes and good wine grapes are two separate entities, for different qualities are required. Cognac grapes do not tend to make for good wine, because they are rather bitter and acidic, thus a good year for wine may not be such for Cognac.

The wine is twice distilled - as opposed to Armagnac which undergoes a single distillation – before the spirit is matured for at least two years in oak barrels. There are regional distinctions within Cognac and most houses usually blend grapes from multiple sub-regions within the Cognac area. The regions are ringed around the town, and the most central regions are the most venerated. The premier cru is Grand Champagne, so named for the nature of its soils.


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If you had a time machine and were able to take a glimpse into the 1970s, you might get very lucky and see this exact bottle of Lhéraud Reserve du Templier Petite Champagne Cognac, as it was produced...  More info
Hine 3 Star - 1963
(68cl, 40%)
Have a Cognac enthusiast in your life that was born in 1963? Then they might just be interested in this rare antique bottle of Hine 3 Star Cognac, which was produced in that very same year!  More info
A rare bottled of Courvoisier's 3 Star Cognac, now more commonly known as their VS expression. We think that this one was produced back in the 1970s, and though the label is a little bit dirty, this...  More info
A bottling of VSOP Cognac from Rouyer Guillet & Co., probably dating from the 1970s. Please note that this collectible piece has a low fill level.  More info
The 1980s gave us many spectacular things - Top Gun, a handful of great Tom Waits albums and this bottle of Courvoisier VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac. Very collectible.  More info
Back in the 1970s, this is what bottles of Martell's fantastic VS Cognac looked like! If you fancy yourself a Cognac collector, this certainly would make a handsome addition to your collection. Sadly...  More info
We think that this bottle of Courvoisier VSOP Cognac was produced all the way back in the 1970s. Very collectible indeed for the Cognac connoisseurs out there.  More info
ABK6 Extra Cognac
(70cl, 43%)
An Extra Cognac (similar to XO in aging requirements, but in practice usually much, much older) that spent decades maturing in limousin oak casks to produce this premium ABK6 expression.  More info
ABK6 1985 Vintage
(70cl, 42.50%)
This 1985 vintage ABK6 Cognac comes from 6 barrels (FP1, FP2, FP15, FP65, FP66 and FP77), the outturn of which was 2,820 bottles. 1985 had a very cold winter and a dry summer in Charante, contributing...  More info
Otard VSOP - 1991
(70cl, 40%)
We think that this rare bottle of Otard VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac was produced back in 1991, presented is a very attractive tear-drop-shaped bottled. This comes alongside its original presentation...  More info
3 star Cognac from Courvoisier, produced all the way back in the 1980s. Collectible and well looked after.  More info
Courvoisier XO - world class Cognac, this is. We think that this collectible bottled of Courvoisier XO was produced back in the 1990s.  More info
This is a bottle of Martell VS Cognac, which we believe was produced after 1999. A neat piece for completionist Cognac collectors.  More info
Hennessy XO - 1970s
(68cl, 40%)
This is a very rare bottle of Hennessy XO Cognac from the 1970s. It even comes alongside its original presentation box, which features a portrait of Richard Hennessy, founder of the Hennessy...  More info
Claude Thorin VSOP
(70cl, 40%)
VSOP Grande Champagne Cognac from Claude Thorin range. You'll want to be looking out for the elegant notes of orange blossom and well-rounded prune notes throughout this one... André Thorin found the...  More info
Claude Thorin XO
(70cl, 40%)
From Claude Thorin comes their XO Grande Champagne Cognac from the Classics range, featuring Cognac distilled both by Claude and his father André when he was still at the helm of the Cognac house.  More info
Using eaux-de-vie distilled long, long ago, Jacques Denis have created their Vieille Réserve Grande Champagne Cognac. It's been bottled at 44% ABV, a slightly higher-than-average strength for Cognac...  More info
Frédéric Mestreau Cognac hadn't been seen for almost a century before Guilhem Grosperrin resurrected the brand, now based in the town of Saintes. Beautifully presented, this is the VS version (aged...  More info
Frédéric Mestreau rides again! It's great to see old brands return, especially when they're on great form. VSOP Cognac bottled and blended in the historic town of Saintes.  More info
Extraordinarily well aged Cognac bottled by Jean Grosperrin, spicy and rich with notes of liquorice.  More info
XO Cognac from the A.E. Dor house, made with a rich blend of Grande and Petit Champagne eaux-de-vie. Light, honeyed, delicate and supremely well crafted.  More info
Made with eaux-de-vie aged for at least 25 years, this Grande Champagne Cognac from A.E. Dor is a right spicy little number, but well rounded in the way that old, finely crafted Cognac often seems to...  More info
The A.E. Dor No.7 Cognac, made using eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region, one of the most well-respected in Cognac. This is a powerful, dynamic expression, particularly on the palate.  More info
Courvoisier, L'Essence is blended from eaux-de-vies from the last two centuries, some dating back to the early 1900s.
The eaux-de-vies come from Grande Champagne and Borderies.
It's a no-holds...  More info
An extraordinary blend of cognacs from the very finest cru, including some over 50 years old!  More info
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