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Our Values

The vibe in MoM towers is informal, creative, fast-paced, and hard working. We don’t stand on ceremony, and we try to challenge and reduce bullshit wherever it raises its ugly head. Your career prospects here have precisely nothing to do with how highly polished your shoes are, and everything to do with how effectively you work with others to advance the mission.

We’ve got some incredible people at Master of Malt, and we value and encourage diversity of personality, thought, and viewpoint above all else. Establishing an orthodoxy of thought is the way to kill innovation, so we want people that think differently from one another and who can share ideas freely and in good faith, all in the name of advancing our mission.

That said, there are some behaviours that we think are universally valuable, and these behaviours make up our shared values.

Our Values

Experience Matters

This ought to be common sense, but common sense isn’t always common practice.

We don’t just know that experience matters, intellectually – we really believe it.

We want to train the world to expect extraordinary, so that our customers and staff are disappointed when they don’t experience it.

Challenge Everything

There’s room for improvement all around us – our website, our service, our logistics, our careers, and in ourselves – but that improvement will never come without challenging the status quo.

If the experience we’re delivering isn’t extraordinary, then challenge it. How can we make it better?

Are we using our time (the ultimate non-renewable resource) wisely in service of our mission?

How comfortable are we, personally, in our day-to-day experience? If too comfortable, maybe we need a push. If too uncomfortable, maybe we need to push back!

So ‘they’ say it can’t be done, huh? Sounds like a challenge to us!

Speak The Truth

A challenge needs to be spoken to generate change, and that challenge should be spoken forthrightly and honestly.

Resentment is poison in any community, and unspoken truths are a major cause of resentment. The antidote to that is to seek feedback and to take it well, however painful it is to hear. If something’s wrong, it’s better to know about it.

In fact you, dear reader, can tell us how we’re doing right now by dropping a line to [email protected].

We are also proactive in offering feedback. If it’s positive, we celebrate the success so that we can all feel good. If it’s less positive then we find a way to deliver it in a way that helps us to be better, without feeling bad about it.

Own It

To become a true hero in pursuit of our mission we need to become a part of the solution, not just point out the opportunity to improve.

This means getting the bit between your teeth and not resting until the positive change is delivered.

Whether this means either offering or seeking support to get the job done, you need to be an agent of change. There are no points for “I knew that was a problem”, or “I brought that up ages ago”. The only thing that matters is that we pull together to get it done.