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About the business

We are a small, rapidly growing business based in Tonbridge that includes a variety of brands, the flagship of which is, of course, Master of Malt.

Master of Malt is an international, multiple award winning online spirits and drinks retailer. We have been in business for over 25 years and have a huge range of single malts, other fine spirits and beers.

The culture here is one of hard work but also great fun. We like to think of our business as a creative, driven, fast-paced, informal place to work. You can turn up in fancy dress for all we care, as long as you deliver results, and with a relatively small workforce everyone is given big responsibility and trust and this means you can be a real driving force for us.

With so many avenues to explore there is room to tailor your role to your interests, passions and what you think will work. In many situations you’ll be entering new waters and as such will need to be prepared to try new things and push your boundaries.

To learn more about Master of Malt, check out our about us page, and our blog.

Current positions

Web Developer

Posted: 26 June, 2017

About Us

Atom Supplies LTD is a technology company that operates an online spirits business in Tunbridge Wells (the Royal one, which really makes us sound super classy when we get letters).

For a small company we do a bunch of stuff, ranging from business consultancy for banks and insurers to drinks production and distribution. All this is supported by an e-commerce and warehouse management platform built by our own fair hands (some computers were probably involved too). We considered buying off the shelf software, but didn't find anything on the market that met our high standards of user experience and customer satisfaction. Plus, they didn't have nearly enough funny cat pictures.

About The Job

We're looking to expand our team of in-house developers to make this platform even greater. Our software stack covers everything from online retail sites, order processing, stock management, iPad picking apps, packing stations, marketing campaign generation, search engines, recommendation engines and much more. We work in a highly intensive, live environment where changes are being rolled out all the time to keep up with the demands of the business. It's hard work, but also incredibly rewarding. Both our staff and customers will let you know when you do a good job, and they have even been known to bake the occasional cake for automating that tedious task. We also do some “slightly less” productive things, like make a Raspberry Pi powered cat announce how many orders we've received.

About You

We're looking for awesome people. Our software is built primarily in C#, .NET, SQL Server, Elasticsearch, Redis and Node, but we're more interested in what you can add to our team than your bullet point list of “supported languages”. You need to be a self-starter, great fun, be okay working for a Romanian (UKIP supporters need not apply) and know what Swatch Internet Time is. We're looking for people who can work on front-ends, back-ends, rocket ships and sometimes import a spreadsheet into a database. Because jobs can't always be exciting.

Did I mention we get to drink whisky? I probably should have opened with that...

To Apply

To find out more about this opportunity or apply call 01892 888376 or email [email protected].

Requirements: Degree/Experience: Computer Science, Programming, Database Design. Note: University Placements Available



To apply for a role or for information, please contact [email protected].