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Our Mission

We’re a group of dedicated individuals trying to bring ever more delightful drinks experiences to ever more people. There are lots of drinks experiences that we can deliver – trying new things, learning about distilleries, choosing a perfect gift for a loved one, learning how to make a cocktail – and we’re here to help make that happen, in the most delightful way imaginable. We are here to Create unexpected delight as we help people explore, buy, and enjoy drinks more..

We’re extremely well-placed to do precisely this: from the delightful products we conceive and manufacture to the delightful interfaces (human and tech) by which we interact with our customers, our “can do” customer experience philosophy, and our “last mile” delivery experience.

Every customer-facing business we have in Atom, every team that supports one another behind the scenes, and every individual that make the whole—we are all obsessively focused on creating unexpected delight.

Sure we do other stuff at the same time, such as try to make some money—but it’s not the highlight of our day.

If you asked someone what they were doing this weekend and they replied, “I’m going to Disneyland!” you wouldn’t respond, “what, you’re not going to clean your teeth? You dirty so-and-so!”.

They’re going to clean their teeth, obviously. It’s just not the thing that’s exciting them most about the weekend.

That, but with unexpected delight.

This is why we’re proud to boast that we have a 5* rating (with the vast majority rating us as “Excellent”).