Master of Malt's Brown Drink (Batch 1) 70cl

Scotch Brown Drink • 70cl • 44.2%
Product details
Master of Malt's Brown Drink (Batch 1)
Region Scotch Brown Drink
Distillery/Brand Master of Malt

Brown Drink

As you may well know, here at Master of Malt we bottle up a range of hundreds of samples of all kinds of spirits, from whisky, rum and brandy, to sotol, vodka, gin and genever. What we do is take full-sized bottles and make them into 3cl samples, or “drams”. We make 23 samples from each bottle, and each sample is very slightly over 3cl, which leaves a few ml left over. Now, if our Nanas have taught us anything, it’s that you mustn’t waste anything. Even if you’re already full, and eating any more Shepherd’s Pie will make you feel unwell. So we gathered all of the remnants from each bottle, and we vatted them all together.

We tried some of this “Brown Drink”, and were pleasantly surprised that a mix of spirits from many, many distilleries, all over the world resulted in something really rather delicious. So, we’ve bottled it. Batch 1 of Brown Drink made up just 37 bottles, which include 542 different spirits, From Aberlour 19 Year Old Cask Strength, to Zuidam 5 Year Old Rye!

This is Batch One...

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose Rather malty with a decent amount of peat and some nutmeg. It’s quite sweet too, with manuka honey, toffee apple and brown sugar, and a hint of vanilla. Something tangy develops in the glass, like sour apple sweets, and there’s just a hint of old-fashioned cola and coconut ice.

Palate Tangy and very spicy. This is absurdly enjoyable, and it tastes bizarre. Grassy, gristy with hints of condensed milk, some coriander seeds, nutmeg, and more than a suggestion of gin botanicals. There’s also a hint of the rubber they use to make basketballs, which is a refreshing change from all those other whiskies which don’t taste like sporting products. Very herbal as it develops.

Finish Long, very spicy and warming. Some cold coffee, almond, and gin botanicals on the tail, with trailing ginger sweetness.

Overall Utterly bonkers, but really rather wonderful!

I've been really good, can I have
Brown Drink
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Reviews for Master of Malt's Brown Drink (Batch 1)
Oliver Franke from Cologne
Interestingly strong (on the alcoholic side) in the nose.
Asolutly stunning... can't really find the words to describe the overall taste. BUT I do love the back label... ;) Need my magnifining glasses...
Master of Malt Customer
12 years ago
Nick, Finchley
It's...unusual. In a good way.
Master of Malt Customer
12 years ago
"This is very complex"
We tasted Brown Drink at our recent Whisky Squad session, which as always is carried out as a blind tasting. Reactions around the room varied from "This is very complex!" to "There's a lot in this...". A couple of people picked up rubber early on (could that be the minute sample of Orpheus brutalising its way through?), and based on Twitter activity realised what it was we were drinking. Fascinating stuff, and congrats on not making a mess of it!
Master of Malt Customer
12 years ago
Dave Kelly
Well I certainly didn't taste "basket ball rubber"! However, very interesting and probably unlike anything else I'm ever likely to taste. Have a go it's odd in a funky way!
Master of Malt Customer
12 years ago