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The Nightcap: 16 November

It wouldn’t be Friday without our weekly round-up of all the booze news – you’ve tuned in to another edition of The Nightcap!

For many people, the work week is coming to a close, meaning there’s a well-earned weekend incoming. As you get ready to dig in to whatever glorious weekend-y plans you’ve got lined up, we’ve compiled yet another buffet of news from all over the drinks world in one handy blog post. Welcome to The Nightcap, folks!


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#WhiskySanta’s Giving Away Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Drams as Bonus Super Wishes!

#WhiskySanta will give away 3cl sample drams from the highly sought-after Buffalo Trace Antique Collection this week!
Ho-Ho-Ho! Now I have a machine gun I have one final surprise up my immaculately-cuffed sleeve this festive season! Whilst checking in with those handsome chaps at Master of Malt last week I managed to set aside a tiny amount of 3cl drams (just 8 in total, across 4 of the releases) from the enormously popular, but limited, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection. I’ll be giving these out as gifts to some very lucky people who wish for them on certain days this week!

Now, I should point out that Master of Malt had thousands of entries in their lotteries for chances to purchase fewer than a dozen bottles and a few dozen 3cl drams. Goodness knows how many of you will wish for a chance to receive a 3cl dram for free! What I’m saying is, if you want to guarantee you get your hands on some of your favourite Buffalo Trace Antique Collection whiskey this year (and are feeling a bit flush) then you should head over to Master of Malt’s Charity Auctions now: for William Larue Weller, George T. Stagg Bourbon,
Sazerac 18 Year Old, Thomas H. Handy Sazerac Rye and Eagle Rare 17 Year Old, where everything raised over RRP (net of any applicable VAT) will go to Malaria No More UK to support their superb work.


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Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Lotteries and Charity Auctions

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

We’re splitting our allocation of the highly sought-after Buffalo Trace Antique Collection between a 3cl dram lottery, a bottle lottery and an auction (with anything over RRP donated to our nominated charity Malaria No More UK).
See the Timeline below for when all this is going down.
You may remember that last year our old ‘fastest-finger-first’ method really didn’t work for these limited and super-popular American whiskeys from Buffalo Trace distillery. In fact, it was the final push we needed to sit down and come up with a whole new way of handling these kinds of hotly anticipated releases. We invite you to read our previous post about why we decided (after much discussion/arguing) that the ‘least-worst’ option was to split our entire allocation between 3cl drams, bottle lotteries, and charity auctions.


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Master of Cocktails – Pedro Grant goes to New Orleans

Master of Cocktails Pedro Grant Goes To New Orleans

Right then folks. Time for another #MasterofCocktails! This week’s involves setting things on fire, which is always fun.

We’re going to be making a Christmassy twist on a Sazerac recipe using Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel and PX Sherry. If anyone feels like complaining about the fact that we’re using a good single malt in a cocktail, can I suggest you jog on and complain to the Daily Mail – they’ll probably have a story to print about it being responsible for immigration. Or something.


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Master of Cocktails – The Sazerac

Master of Cocktails The Sazerac

Another classic for this week’s #MasterofCocktails, the Sazerac.

Now this really is a very, very simple drink, but, like the Mojito from a few weeks ago, one that people love to overcomplicate. The most common over-complication is the belief that you need to stir a sugar cube with the whiskey forever and a day…

Luckily enough though, some bright spark has invented this stuff. It’s called Sugar Syrup. You may have heard of it.


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It’s here – the Sazerac Rye 18 Year Old Fall 2009 Edition

Sazerac Rye 18yo Fall 2009 edition

So then – Jim Murray’s 2010 World Whisky of the Year – the Sazerac Rye (fall 2008 edition) has been replaced by the all-new new fall 2009 edition, and it’s an absolute belter.

As far as we know, at the time of writing this post, we’re the only retailer in the UK to be offering this for sale – and there are only limited quantities available.

The delivery arrived at 09:30, and before the pallet was even off the lorry, a bottle had been snaffled, opened, and was in the process of being tasted. Here are the results:

Sazerac Rye 18 Year Old Fall 2009 Edition 45%

Nose: Huge and powerful sweet rye on the initial nosing gives way to cinnamon toasted brioche, leather, and more than a hint of maraschino cherry. A really huge hit of oak follows, somewhat vinous with it – we were reminded of a barrique aged chardonnay. There’s something slightly medicinal lurking somewhere – a hint of iodine perhaps? It’s definitely not out of place amongst the other huge aromas given off by this whiskey though. A slight suggestion of coconut right at the tail end.


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