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Tasting Pol Roger’s Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 2008

It’s been a great year for Churchill fans: Gary Oldman won an Oscar for Darkest Hour, Andrew Roberts released a Churchill biography, and best of all, Pol Roger have just launched a new vintage of their Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill and Pol Roger go way back. I have seen an invoice from 1908 showing Churchill’s first purchase of Pol Roger Champagne, the 1895 vintage. The special relationship was cemented in 1944 (just after the liberation of Paris) at a lunch put on by the British ambassador to France where Churchill met with Odette Pol-Roger. They got on like a house on fire, no doubt helped by lots of the legendary 1928 vintage. Churchill became a great friend of the family and even named a racehorse after the house. In his last decade alone, he ordered 500 cases!


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Master of Cocktails – The Champagne Cocktail

Master of Cocktails Champagne Cocktail

An incredibly simple drink this week, which is so often fucked right up by one stupid ‘ritual’. Sugar Cubes. I saw a cocktail this week from some place in London which they’re claiming is the world’s most expensive (at £8888) and from the looks of it, even at nearly £10k, you get a load of idiotic sugar-sludge in the bottom of your glass.

Using a sugar cube instead of sugar syrup not only makes a nonsense of the ‘as served’ concentration of sugar as more and more will dissolve as the drink is consumed, but even worse, it provides hundreds upon hundreds of nucleation points (the sugar granules), which are pretty much guaranteed to knock all the fizz out of champagne. Not exactly ideal for a Champagne Cocktail recipe, eh? So, for that reason we’re going to be using sugar syrup like a non-mental person.


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