Three cheers for New Zealand’s Scotch GI!

Great news for Scotch whisky drinkers! The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) is making in-roads to protect our favourite tipple over in New Zealand – and it’s a crucial move for imbibers the world over.

What makes Scotch a Scotch? The rules are set to become even clearer for whisky fans in New Zealand after the SWA applied to join the geographical indication (GI) register in the country. GIs are that bit of legal wizardry that not only defines a product’s characteristics, but protects it from counterfeiting, too. Not the most thrilling thing to think about while indulging in a dram, but vitally important nonetheless.

Made in Scotland – check. Only using water, cereals, yeast – of course. Matured in Scotland for at least three years in oak casks – absolutely. The fundamentals of Scotch whisky are pretty easy to reel off for enthusiasts, and they form the basis of Scotch whisky’s GI. But why are they important?

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