We’re not above the odd bit of April foolishness – find our poorly concealed gags right here.

Access the Whisky Name Generator Now!

We’ve managed to gain access to the tool whisky brands and marketing agencies use to name whiskies – and we’ve made it available for you to use!
EDIT: Some of you figured it out – this was indeed an elaborate ruse that has something to do with today’s date! We can only hope that one day The Clyburn Airgid Mighty Fine Tornado will be a real bottling…
We recently made a startling discovery. You know those whisky brands and the marketing agencies that create the lovely names for the whiskies we all enjoy? Well, as it turns out, they have access to a Whisky Name Generator to help them come up with new names! With the sheer number of new expressions released at quite a clip nowadays, this tool was invented to allow agencies to both generate a name and kick-start the branding process in just a few quick clicks. Handy.


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Master of Malt Is Closing Down – Free Shipping Until Midday Today

Sad Employee


As some of you may have realised, the sudden and shocking news that Master of Malt was closing its doors did indeed have something to do with the fact that it was April 1st…


The truth is, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, Master of Malt is stronger than ever. A huge thank you to all our customers and here’s to another thirty hugely successful years!





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Taste The World’s Rarest, Most-Expensive Whiskies… For Free

Joculus Snift

Imagine a world where you could taste any whisky you wanted, instantly, for free, and in the comfort of your own multi-million-pound caravan-home or luxury yachts-vessel. And just picture yourself, if you will, browsing an immense digital library with fine single malts flashing majestically before your very eyes like that bit in Minority Report.

The time is 9pm, the day is today, and you’re sitting in a wingback chesterfield armchair. It’s slightly old – still maintains its shape, but the burgundy leather has become softer and more forgiving. In essence, you’re the mayor of comfort city. It’s liquor o’clock, and Mrs Hammersworth, the nice lady who looks after you, is strapping a slightly cumbersome though thoroughly modern-looking headset onto your face. The device, pictured below, is the groundbreaking “Joculus Snift” – a unique multi-sensory media experience which stimulates four of the five senses with state-of-the-art (SOTA) technology.


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Cocks’ Scotch Eggs

Inner Workings of a Chicken Still

After our many years in the wonderful business of whisky purveyance, it’s not often that we come across something that really takes us aback. Today, however, we have the rare honour of announcing a distilling phenomenon hitherto unknown: A heady blend of spirit and science, seasoned with a shake of quackery and a dose of credulity…


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The World’s Oldest Whisky

World's Oldest Whisky

There are few moments like this in history; moments which involve something daring and utterly extraordinary. Moments that no one will ever forget.

For us, the Chaps at Master of Malt, this might just be our biggest moment yet…

We’ve discovered the world’s oldest whisky. What’s more, it’s more than a century old. This, ladies and gentleman is an absolutely spectacular achievement, and one that will hopefully go down in the annals of whisky history.

We are proud to announce… More…

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