Here’s a little update on the Wormtub range, which has taken things up to 11. By which we mean 12. Because it’s Wormtub 12 Year Old Single Cask. You know what? We’ll let Ben Ellefsen explain.

This is going to be a short one, as it’s a simple concept with a very strong call to action. It’s nothing to do with the fact that I have three other blog posts to write, at least 18 product specifications to do, a very cross dog to walk, and at some point, today, probably ‘some work to do’ in-between calls and emails and that…

Wormtub launched back in May of last year with a relatively simple proposition. Whisky from a worm tub distillery (one which has traditional worm tub condensers – loads of good info in the post earlier in the para), bottled…

  1. …at ten years old
  2. …at full natural cask strength 
  3. …with no added caramel
  4. …after several months of finishing in first-fill oloroso casks
  5. …with an RRP of under £50

It’s fair to say that it’s become a bit of a runaway success, buoyed no doubt by the current state of the grown-up companies’ whisky market. On a completely unrelated note, who remembers when Aberlour a’Bunadh was available in supermarkets, and was about £35 a bottle? Just me?

Wormtub 12 Year Old Single Cask

A new Wormtub for all you to get stuck into

First out the gate: Wormtub 12 Year Old Single Cask

So, having confirmed that ‘there’s a there there’, off we go with the innovation and iteration road map. First out of the gate is this, the 12-year-old single-cask Wormtub. So to add to that list we now have a whisky bottled…

  1. …from a single cask, hand-selected from our oldest stock of this make
  2. …at twelve years old
  3. …at full natural cask strength 
  4. …with no added caramel
  5. …after several months of finishing in first-fill oloroso casks
  6. …with an RRP of under £75

In this instance, I can also confirm that it’s from the same distillery, and finished in casks from the same bodega, so this is basically an ‘up to 12’ version of the same product you know and love.

I won’t go into massive depth about the flavour profile here. If heavily-sherried single-cask whisky is your jam, you will know precisely what you’re looking for and trust me, this has it in spades. What I’ll do instead is point out that the stock we have of this age is finite, and the prices of the entire market are marching hard in one direction, so… erm… are you still here? 

In terms of the next steps in the innovate/iterate roadmap, we’re going to be hitting some different cask finishes soon, do please let us know in the comments below if there’s anything you’d particularly like to try, and we can try to grab some casks to re-rack some liquid into. Don’t way we never do anything nice for you…