Ever wanted to own your own maturing cask of spirit, soon to be whisky? Now you can, courtesy of Swedish distillery Mackmyra!

It’s a whisky lover’s dream – not just having the drinks cabinet of dreams, but owning an actual cask, too. And Mackmyra wants to make this very dream come true for one very lucky drinks geek!

Mackmyra became Sweden’s first dedicated whisky distillery when it was founded in 1999. Now in 2019, the year of its 20th anniversary, it operates two sites, with a fierce focus on flavour and innovation. There’s peated (using bog moss and juniper!) and unpeated spirit, and there’s a real passion for capturing the local sense of place, too. And now, one mega-lucky winner can go behind the scenes at the whisky-maker with a cask of their very own!

So… what’s up for grabs?

Super simply, 30 litres of unpeated new make spirit, destined to go into a 30-litre first-fill ex-bourbon cask, complete with a personalised brass plaque. That cask will then be matured in one of two Mackmyra’s warehouses for at least three years. Victor’s choice! You can select between The Bodås Mine (the distillery’s primary warehouse, which has high humidity and stays at around 7-10°C all year round – you won’t be able to visit your cask here though, mind) or the Forest Warehouse (concrete-built and half-buried into a bank, with a drier atmosphere, a higher temperature in summer, and as such, a greater angels’ share – and you can visit it!).

Mackmyra cask

You could be the proud owner of a cask!

The winner will be able to monitor their whisky’s maturation journey, receiving a 50ml sample each year so they can see how it’s coming along. Once a least three years and one day have passed, it’ll be time for that lucky so-and-so to get their mitts on the actual whisky (that is, unless you want to let it mature for longer, which you’re free to do so).

The whisky will be bottled up, complete with labels bearing the winner’s own message, and then delivered. Be warned, though, Mackmyra can only deliver to the UK, Denmark, Germany or France – if the winner choose to further ship them elsewhere, they may be subject to duties and taxes by authorities at the destination country at the winner’s expense.

Loving the sound of the private cask ownership experience but fancy adding an extra flavour dimension? The winner will be given the option of upgrading (at their own expense) to peated spirit (£200), or to oloroso sherry, American oak or Anniversary casks (£600). You can even choose to start the process with a four year old spirit for £300.

I want the private cask experience! How do I enter?

Super simple! Snap up one of these delicious Mackmyra bottlings, and we’ll pop your name in a hat, just like that. Magic! (See T&Cs)

Mackmyra Whiskies

Snap up one of the delicious Swedish whiskies and you’ll be in with a chance to win!

To make it even easier, we’ve lopped £3.50 off MACK by Mackmyra, and a whole fiver off the mouthwatering Äppelblom! We are good to you.

You could also snap up Brukswhisky, Svensk Ek, Svensk Rök, or Svensk Rök/Amerikansk Ek from the core range, or Skördetid, Gruvguld, the Moment series, Fjällmark, Efva, Prestige, or Ledin from the seasonal line!

So. If you fancy winning the chance to join Mackmyra’s private cask ownership experience (provided by and Mackmyra’s sole responsibility), you know what to do! We’re not jealous of the winner at all…