UPDATE: WE HAVE OUR WINNERS! Congratulations to:

Scott Connolly – who won the Eagle Rare 17 Year Old (2019 Release)
Roy Lovie – who won the George T Stagg (2019 Release)
Mark Lawrence – who won the William Larue Weller (2019 Release)


If you want to make a whiskey lover squeal with excitement, then say the words ‘Buffalo Trace Antique Collection’. If you want to make them go seriously bananas, tell them they could get their hands on a bottle. 

Which is exactly what we’re doing now. We’ve got three whiskeys to give away to three winners. There’s just one bottle of the following available to win:

  • Eagle Rare 17 Year Old (2019 Release)
  • George T Stagg (2019 Release)
  • William Larue Weller (2019 Release)

You might have thought whiskey from the 2019 collection was lost to the locked drinks cabinets of time, but you’d be wrong. To enter the competition all you need to buy yourself some current Buffalo Trace whiskey. Nice and simple, plus you get a great bottle of whiskey regardless of whether you win. 

Buffalo Trace whiskey

Buy Buffalo Trace whiskey to win Buffalo Trace whiskey. Simple!

Just pick yourself up any of these products made by the Kentucky-based distillery and you’re in it to win it:

Best of luck!

18+ and UK (excluding NI) only. T&Cs apply. Entries close 23:59:59 15 October 2023.