Who loves Scotch Whisky the most?

Navigating the sea of whisky

The Scotch whisky export figures for 2009 are in, and they make for very interesting viewing!


In the ultimate battle for supremacy, the pole position didn’t go to the UK, the Japanese or even the Americans. No, 2009’s greatest Scotch importers were the French. On average, each adult imported 2.45 litres of Scotch whisky… that’s 3 ½ bottles a year, which isn’t bad going for a country that makes some of the world’s very best brandies.

The UK came in close second, followed in quick succession by the Aussies. The whisky loving Japanese, however, imported surprisingly little – clearly preferring their own domestic single malt.

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Who loves whisky the most?


Who loves whisky the most?


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2 comments on “Who loves Scotch Whisky the most?”

  1. Joshua says:

    We yanks have some catching up to do!!

  2. Paul says:

    The French, well who would have thought it: As said the french make some wonderful brandies and yet when my wife and I were in Paris this year finding a decent malt was like seeking hens teeth.

    Maybe the french are keeping all the good malt’s to themselves but then again, who can blame them.

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