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#WhiskySanta’s Probably Speyside’s Finest Distillery 50yo 1967 Super Wish!

This week #WhiskySanta is giving away a mysterious old whisky from Probably Speyside’s Finest Distillery (hint, hint) to one lucky wisher.

Ho, ho, ho, everyone! There’s so much to do in the run-up to Christmas: the sleigh needs to pass its MOT, the reindeers are practising formation flying (not as easy as it looks), and, most importantly, my beard needs work. A beard this magnificent doesn’t just happen by chance. You should see all the unguents and oils that I have to treat it with. But that enough about my facial hair, because it’s time for another Super Wish!

This week, as part of the £250,000 of gifts I’m giving away with Master of Malt, I’m offering a mystery bottling from Douglas Laing’s Xtra Old Particular range. It’s a bottle of 50 year old single malt Scotch whisky from… Well, from Probably Speyside’s Finest Distillery, as Douglas Laing put it. Hmm, I wonder what that could be? Of course, I’m just playing along because I’m #WhiskySanta, so obviously I know what it is. Omniscience and all that, y’know? However, I’m sworn to secrecy, so I can’t disclose details. What I can tell you is that it was distilled in 1967 and comes from a single sherry butt (cask #12418 to be exact). It was bottled in March of this year and there are only 307 bottles in existence. This is a seriously rare whisky.

Douglas Laing #WhiskySanta

Get your wishes in now!

To be in with a chance to snap up the bottle, simply log on to your home computer, laptop, or even one of those ‘smart’ telephones. Go to the Master of Malt website page for this particular whisky and, thinking pure thoughts, press the magic ‘Wish’ button to share your wish on Twitter or Facebook using the #WhiskySanta hashtag. You can wish on Instagram too, of course – a great way to do this is to take a screenshot of our Story or one of our posts. (You can even wish on G+!) Wherever you make your wishes, just remember to include the hashtag. One lucky person will win a bottle to take home, open, and try to guess where it’s from. You have until the end of Thursday to get your wishes in, so make sure you do so!

Normally this bottle would set you back £1,250, but I am giving away one bottle to someone who has been good. And I mean really good. We’re talking helping out with the washing up, not leaving towels on the floor, taking Nan shopping and listening to her anecdote about the time she appeared in panto with Les Dennis without rolling your eyes. THAT level of good.

I’ll announce whose wish I’m granting on Friday. Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to @stevenixon, whose wish for a bottle of Probably Speyside’s Finest Distillery 50 Year Old 1967 (cask 12418) – Xtra Old Particular was granted!


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19 comments on “#WhiskySanta’s Probably Speyside’s Finest Distillery 50yo 1967 Super Wish!”

  1. Alan Lewis says:

    I think I have been good, the reason I say that is I have refused to pay golf at all this week in order to take my step son to army cadets to prepare for the armistice parade, then to rugby practice for a tournament, back to another parade then getting up at 2.30 am to take him to school to go on a school trip to Belgium to visit the memorials and the trenches… My golf has suffered but the look on my step sons face at the end of each day was totally worth it… 😁

  2. Laura antill says:

    Whisky Santa hubby has been so good this year 💪 #JustSaying

  3. Amanda Freye says:

    Ho Ho Ho I’ve been very good this year # This would warm my heart to the brim

  4. I really am a good sharer, Santa….love XOPlease :[]

  5. bifter says:

    The original Saint Nic was a Greek, so I should be wary of him bearing gifts! But, in this case, I think I can make an exception 😀

  6. jeanna says:

    A really great gift for a rough year. 🙂

  7. Robert Bernhardt says:

    I have been really good this year by donating my services to local single malt tastings. Unfortunately, I live in Canada and probably not eligible to win. 😥

  8. Gill Colling says:

    I’m always good (ok not always). But I am a 24/7 carer, I take 2 afternoons off a week , one I voluntarily run a free craft group and the other I volunteer with a community interest company heping run the cafe. So always broke I’m afraid. 🙁

  9. Hugh Mannerings says:

    Dear MasterofMalt
    I volunteer with a number of local community projects and this would be the perfect gift to share back with all the other volunteers by way of a thank you to those who give their time freely, something to warm us through the winter 🙂

  10. Sandra Gillbanks says:

    Would love to win this for my amazing husband who has been a total rock this past few months while I am awaiting a total hip replacement.

  11. robert dearnley says:

    I’m doing this for my wife who as been a rock for her brother who is seriously ill with cancer. It would be lovely if she could win it for him.

  12. Jackie smith says:

    My husband is a true Malt Whiskey enthusiast, we recently visited Isla and enjoyed tastings at 10 Distilleries, we have planned our next holiday in Inverness in May 2019, and how amazing it would be for him to have a taste of what’s to come, visiting Speyside, ‘my husband works so hard at work and out of work, and I would be overjoyed to win this for him.

  13. Rimon Gharib says:

    This sounds very nice and tasty!

    The nose is big, with powerful dark and macerated fruits, plus a spiced backdrop. The palate is interestingly oaky with a twist of vanilla, barley and a home baked style, and the finish is almost minty in its dryness ahead of mocha and even later molasses.

  14. sarah grainger says:

    this is amazing

  15. Robert Pitt says:

    My wife said I have done my best to behave myself this year so it would be great the finish the year of by winning this 50 year old whisky.

  16. Have I been good? Debatable and not for me to say, however in my defence I will say I find it easier to help than hinder and can’t think of anyone I’ve upset this year, mind you, I haven’t been out much. I don’t jump queues, I pay bills on time and eat my greens, I need the roughage. Yes, I’ve been good.

  17. Lyn Telford says:

    Dear #Whisky Santa,

    Andrew has been very very good this year (and every one of the last 30 years we have been married). He helps with washing up, ironing and hovering as well as raking up leaves, mowing the lawn and putting petrol in my car. He always puts a clean handkerchief under my pillow and makes me feel like a princess. He is my prince and surely deserves a special present from Santa.

  18. Patricia Banks says:

    We’re celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary on 22nd November and my husband is just the perfect person to receive this wonderful prize.
    Despite being the best husband I just know how this would make him feel to celebrate Christmas and share a warming glass or two..with our two sons and daughter. We’re very rarely altogether as neither live locally, the eldest in Sydney. It’s making me teary thinking of it and I know he’ll be the same if he were so lucky

  19. Brian Hunt says:

    This year i´ve been very good because in May 2019 i will be married for 50 years, some of them good, some of them not so good and now the wife has diabetis I try to help with the evening injections always trying not to hurt her. Ive been lucky to grow old with such a Wonderful women. I think the nightly Dram has helped the both of us over the last half century. Both of us are Looking forward with a little luck to the next decade together. Always with the Motto Life is to short to drink cheep Whisky 🙂

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