Christmas is coming which means the return of #WhiskySanta’s Super Wishes! And the big, shiny, first Super Wish of 2019 is a corker of a Cognac: Hennessy Paradis!

When I’m not busy delivering presents, grooming my beard or practising my ho, ho, hoing, I like to spend my time hunting down rare boozes to make sure my Super Wishes are really extremely super indeed. This requires lots of travelling, but I usually don’t use the old sleigh as I don’t want to be conspicuous or people will want to have selfies taken with me which is so tedious. Sometimes I even wear sunglasses, a hat and a false beard over my real beard just to make sure I’m not recognised. On one of my incognito jaunts to France, I stumbled across this week’s Super Wish hidden away in Cognac. It’s a little bit of heaven in a bottle.

Hennessy Paradis is #WhiskySanta’s first Super Wish of 2019!

Hennessy Paradis is blended from a selection of super rare Cognacs that are kept under lock and key safe from prying hands in a special place in the firm’s cellars called ‘le Paradis’. Yes, this Cognac literally comes from paradise. Imagine that! The Paradis expression was first conceived by master blender Maurice Fillioaux back in 1979 using Cognacs that had been laid down by his grandfather. This tradition has been continued to this day using only the rarest and oldest of spirits. And how does it taste? Like paradise, of course. Think dried apricots, tobacco, honey and the kind of polish you only use on very expensive furniture. Normally this would cost £975 but someone is going to get a bottle absolutely free this week. I know, I do spoil you. Well, I am #WhiskySanta, after all!

Sing with me: ‘This is how we do it’

How, I hear you ask? Well, head to the Hennessy Paradis product page, and hit that shiny ‘Wish’ button! It’s [almost!] as simple as that. As if by magic (except it’s me!), a box will appear with a pre-populated Twitter or Facebook post. Publish, and voila! You can also wish on Instagram too, if that especially appeals (just make sure you use the #WhiskySanta hashtag. I might be omniscient, but my MoM Towers minions are not and they need to see it!). You’ve got until the end of Thursday to get those mega wishes in, so go, GO, GO!!!

Time for me to reminisce about my Cognac trip with a glass of something tasty… luckily I know just the thing!

UPDATE: The time has come for me to grant my first Super Wish of 2019, and Alex Hosking will be the lucky recipient of the bottle of Hennessy Paradis!