#WhiskySanta and his Super Wishes are making Monday’s magic. If you’re not convinced yet, after this week’s prize you will be. It’s Glenfiddich 40 Year Old Rare Collection!

Ho, ho, ho! I don’t mean to toot my own trumpet, but I really feel like I’m in the swing of Super Wish season now. With every week comes a new delight to giveaway and, best of all, a deserving winner. Take @pswhisky, for example, who is getting a Baccarat decanter filled with Courvoisier Heritage de Louis Renard worth £2,999.95 delivered right to their door.

If you want to know what the joy of getting a bottle that great feels like, then you’ll want to see my latest Super Wish: Glenfiddich 40 year old Rare Collection (Release Number 17)!

Glenfiddich 40 Year Old Rare Collection

From a classic distillery, this 40 year old is made by the malt master who selects individual casks before marrying them together with what was leftover from the previous 40 year old vatting. It’s a fancy-Dan continuous process known as ‘remnant vatting’ and, fun fact: Glenfiddich is the only single malt Scotch whisky in the industry to do this! Oh, and each bottle is wrapped in hand-stitched calf leather and accompanied by a leather-bound book telling its 40-year-old story, with certification and hand signed by the distilleries longest-serving craftsmen.

Now, I’m sure most of you know how to make your Super Wish by now, but if you’re new (welcome!) then start by heading to the Glenfiddich 40 year old Rare Collection (Release Number 17) page. You’ll see a slick red button that says “Wish” on it. Once you click it, a box will pop up that will send you to a pre-populated Twitter or Facebook post. Hit ‘publish’ and viola! You’ve completed your wish. Oh, and for Instagram you’ll want to pop a post on your feed with the #WhiskySanta hashtag. No selfies required.

If you get those wishes in by 23:59 GMT 9 Thursday then you’re in the running. It’s that simple. Like making gingerbread men. I like to decorate mine as characters from Lord of the Rings, personally. I’d like to say Gandalf the Ginger shall not pass these lips, but I can’t abide this clean eating nonsense. I’m only human (I’m not, but ‘I’m a supernatural being’ doesn’t have the same ring to it). Now, get wishing!


Whisky Santa Super Wish Glenfiddich 40 year old