It’s the final Super Wish of the season and #WhiskySanta is going out with a bang.

I almost can’t bring myself to do another ‘ho, ho, ho!’ It’s bittersweet for me, this moment. The final Super Wish. I’ve loved spoiling you these last few weeks. Just ask Matthew Watkiss (@crusiccrusic) about how they feel now they have a bottle of Craigellachie 39 year old 1980 worth £3,500 on the way.

But, with Christmas this week, I’m afraid my Super Wishing is done for another year. Save for one last prize. And it’s a corker. It’s Glenfarclas 50 Year Old Decanter!

This incredible £12,000 decanter of Glenfarclas has spent 50 years ageing, which isn’t much to me but in human and, in particular, whisky terms it’s quite the thing. That half a century of maturation was spent in Spanish oak sherry casks, left to rest in cool dunnage warehouses, and only 146 bottles were produced. Oh, and that decanter is Glencairn Crystal, hand-decorated in copper complete with a copper stopper as well as a red mahogany piano-finished gift box. Tell me that isn’t going out in style…

Now, let’s do this one last time. To those who don’t know or need reminding of how to Super Wish, you’ll want to start by heading to the Glenfarclas 50 Year Old Decanter. There you’ll see the zazzy red button that says “Wish” on it. A box will pop up ready to send you onwards to a pre-populated Twitter or Facebook post. Just hit ‘publish’ and you’ve completed your wish! For Instagram, you can pop a post on your feed with the #WhiskySanta hashtag. 

Wishes need to be submitted by 23:59 GMT Thursday 23 December, because on Christmas Eve I’ll be granting one! Mrs #WS will deny me her signature Christmas pudding if she sees me still working on Super Wishes on Christmas Day. Trust me when I say this folks, I will not be missing out on that pudding. 

It has been an absolute pleasure doing this once again, perhaps I’ll see you next year? Best of luck on the final Super Wish!


#WhiskySanta’s Glenfarclas 50 Year Old Decanter