It’s the final Super Wish of the season! Has #WhiskySanta saved the best until last? Fans of spectacularly sherried Scotch single malt will think so…

There aren’t many things that can make an supernatural, omniscient being like myself feel old. But looking at a bottle of whisky from 1958 does make you recall a time when you could buy a cracking bottle of the good stuff and still have change left over to pick up a pack of Junior Mints and catch a late showing of the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Much like the start of this year’s gift-giving extravanganza, it feels like yesterday, and yet somehow we’re already in the last week of Christmas and I only have one Super Wish left to grant!

But this festive fellow isn’t feeling sorry for himself, because I have the joy of giving away the most sublime Scotch this week and there’s nothing I love more than treating you lovely lot to the best of the best. And this week’s Super Wish is certainly that. If this whisky had a Blind Date profile (that’s a contemporary reference, right?), it would say that it’s over 50 years young, it loves to slumber in Spanish oak sherry casks and spend time with its family at their distillery in Speyside. Folks, feast your eyes on the wonderful…

Glenfarclas 1958 (cask 2065) Family Cask Autumn 2014 Release!

#WhiskySanta’s Glenfarclas 1958 (cask 2065) Family Cask Autumn 2014 Release Super Wish

What a way to finish another year of amazing Super Wishes. If I do say so myself…

I have a bit of form for making the final Super Wish a spectacular bottle of Glenfarclas and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This astonishingly exciting expression is a 1958 vintage Glenfarclas, which was aged in a single Sherry hogshead until July 2014 when it was bottled 40.2% ABV. There were only 138 bottles released and it’s worth over six reindeer rubles, or £6,000 in your currency. You simply know that this complex, refined and decadent dram is going to be the best Christmas present you get this year.

Now, for the last time, I’m going to explain how you make a Super Wish. I know everybody is familiar with the process by now, but it prolongs the experience so indulge me. To make your wish, you need to head to the product page and then give that big red ‘Wish’ button a mighty click (I like to say the word ‘click’ out loud when I do it because I’m tremendous fun). A box with options for a pre-populated Twitter or Facebook post will then appear on your screen, which you can publish on the platform of your choice. If Instagram is more your bag, then you also have the option of posting your wish on your feed using the #WhiskySanta hashtag. Just make that hashtag in the post. It’s how the lovely folk at MoM are able to find your wish. Plus, it’s really nice to see your name all over Instagram. It makes me feel like Kylie Jenner or that egg (ah, a simpler time). 

#WhiskySanta’s Glenfarclas 1958 (cask 2065) Family Cask Autumn 2014 Release Super Wish

For one last time this year, give that big red button a click

Don’t forget everyone, I may be wrapping up the Super Wishing but I’m still giving away plenty of goodies right up until Christmas Eve! Happy wishing and a very Merry Christmas to you all.