UPDATE: Congratulations to @quasidrams on Instagram, #WhiskySanta granted their wish so we’re sending them the £3,800 Craigellachie 37 Year Old!

It’s Monday, which means everyone’s favourite bearded present giver has another amazing Super Wish ready to go. That’s me, #WhiskySanta

Happy December, my festive friends! The merriest of months has returned, which I’m sure all who remembered to open their Advent calendars will know (particularly if they’re filled with the good stuff). As you can probably imagine, this is the month when I really get in the groove, which is just one of the many things Michael Bublé and I have in common.

First, I want to commend @blueorchidtarot on being good this year, so good they won last week’s incredible Glen Grant 1954 (Gordon & MacPhail), which would have cost them almost Bublé’s appearance fee for birthday parties, or so I hear…

Anyway, this week’s Super Wish is even better than a beautiful Bublé belter. It’s a bottle of Craigellachie 37 Year Old, one of the oldest whiskies the distillery has launched after it spent all those years slumbering in refill casks and then first-fill bourbon casks. A bit like Bublé does in his cave until Christmas comes around. I should slow down on the Bubes comment, shouldn’t I? 

To make your Super Wish just head on over to the Craigellachie 37 Year Old page and hit the big red button that says “Ask #WhiskySanta” on it. That will create a Christmassy box to appear that pre-populates a Twitter or Facebook post and that will make your wish. As long as you hit ‘publish’. Instagrammers aren’t excluded, of course, you can wish too (just be sure to tag @MasterOfMalt in Stories, or use the #WhiskySanta hashtag and tag @MasterOfMalt on grid posts.)

#WhiskySanta Wish button

Because I’m super busy you need to get those Super Wishes in by 23:59 GMT Thu 7 Dec. A bottle of Craigellachie 37 Year Old awaits. Now that’s how you kick off December – your move Bublé.