The Lost Distilleries Blend

For those of you not blessed with omniscience or immortality, window 24 of Whisky Advent Calendar offers an exciting opportunity to taste some historic whiskies. And if you do happen to be omnipotent or immortal? Well it’s still an opportunity to taste some jolly delicious old and rare whisky!

The Lost Distilleries Blend was named World’s Best Blended Whisky 2014 at Whisky Magazine’s World Whiskies Awards and does exactly what it says on the tin (or at least the bottle and handsome box). It’s made up solely with whiskies from sadly now closed distilleries, many of whom have become legendary, with batch six containing malt from Port Ellen, Mosstowie, Caperdonich, Glenisla, Imperial, Glen Mhor and Brora, alongside grain from Port Dundas.

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The Lost Distilleries Blend

The Lost Distilleries Blend – Batch 6 – 49.3%

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt for The Lost Distilleries Blend – Batch 6:

Nose: A little green apple and then manuka honey lead the way, with the depth of this blend soon becoming apparent. Grassy sand dunes, lemon, dried coconut and papaya develop, adding complexity to the bag of gorgeous vanilla fudge you now hold in your hand.

Palate: Toffee apples and chamois leather. A drop of water here reveals thicker, chewy toffees, great mouthfeel, a generous sprinkling of nutmeg and a little cinnamon alongside praline, which becomes nut toffee or peanut crunch towards the tail.

Finish: Soft, slightly tannic, nutty oak and a hint of dignified smoke. Salted toffee too, that’s almost vaguely coastal.

Overall: This is very yummy whisky indeed. Created exclusively with whiskies from now-closed distilleries, it’s also a piece of history. A very yummy piece of history.”


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