Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon

I listen to a lot of music when I’m out in my sleigh on Christmas Eve. ‘Blue Christmas’ by Elvis, ‘Lonely This Christmas’ by Mud, ‘Christmas in Hollis’ by Run-D.M.C.. You know, the hits. I do have one tradition, though. Whenever I head through Little Rock, Arkansas, to leave presents for the chaps at the Rock Town Distillery, I always listen to ‘Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree’ by Brenda Lee, ‘Rockin’ Robin’ by the Jackson 5 and of course ‘Let There Be Rock’ by AC/DC.

Speaking of the Rock Town Distillery, you’ll find a dram of their ace Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey behind window 15 of your Whisky Advent Calendars! Delicious stuff, packed with raisin, corn and vanilla notes.

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Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon

Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey – 46%

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt for Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon:

Nose: Big notes of Eccles cakes with a spine of cooked corn and cornflour alongside hints of dry cherry and whole vanilla pods.

Palate: Savoury, warming corn balanced with some sweet cherry jam as well sweeter corn notes and wheated body.

Finish: Macaroons and the flaky pastry of the aforementioned Eccles cakes.

Overall: Well balanced wheated Arkansas bourbon”


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