Brand new whisky alert this week from White Peak in Derbyshire, it’s Wire Works Caduro! Not only is this hot off the press, but it’s also the first whisky from the distillery that you can take back to be refilled.

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Just over a year after the launch of its very first English single malt, White Peak Distillery has released another edition: Wire Works Caduro. And we found out just yesterday that it scooped up a Gold medal at the IWSC awards!

The inspiration for this whisky comes from a global cable brand. Not a sentence I thought I’d ever write. Anyway, as a nod to its Derbyshire heritage, Caduro is named after a global cable brand that was once made onsite by Johnson & Nephew at the former Wire Works, the home of the distillery since 2016. 

Wire Works Caduro

Wire Works Caduro with White Peak founders Max and Claire Vaughan

Wire Works Caduro arrives

The single malt is matured in a combination of American and French oak (both first-fill bourbon) and White Peak’s signature STR (shaved, toasted, and re-charred) casks. What’s different here from previous releases is the selection of STR casks, and a proportion of French oak used, so expect some added fruitiness and richness. 

It’s not just the whisky that’s new – Caduro will also be the very first Wire Works Whisky release to be offered as a distillery refill! So your bottle can now be for life. If you’re visiting the distillery, make sure to bring your empty Caduro bottle back to the distillery shop and enjoy a 15% refill discount too.

“The launch of Caduro marks a milestone for us a year on from our first release, both as a development towards a benchmark core whisky, and with a name that is grounded in the passion and connection we feel for our home and rich heritage here at the Wire Works,” Said co-founder Max Vaughan said. “We’re excited for the future and hope that our spirits continue to be enjoyed by those who care about how their whisky is made, where it’s made, and who is making it.”

Jess’ tasting review

Nose: Initially, there’s loads of really zingy green fruit like green apple, and then underneath it’s a lot sweeter and creamier, with some lovely vanilla fudge in there as well.

Palate: It’s rich and viscous. There’s loads of toffee in there as well as pinches of tobacco, and the fruit is more like a marmalade this time.

Finish: This is where the light peatiness really comes through. There’s this lovely aromatic smoke and again, more of that sweetness, but it’s more like spiced custard and cookies. It’s very baked good-forward.


Full disclosure, it wasn’t raining when we started filming. We’re not that crazy.