Whisky Advent Calendar

Well, here we are. Here we stand, on the very brink of Christmas 2015 – Christmas Eve itself – and the final day of #WhiskyAdvent. Behind window 24 of every Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar is a grain whisky that’s at least 50 years old(!), bottled by the fine folk from Douglas Laing for their excellent Xtra Old Particular range.

Whether you have an exclusive 50 year old Invergordon*, a 50 year old blended grain, a 50 year old Girvan (image below) or, as we’ve received here at MoM Towers, a 53 year old North British (tasting note below), you’ll be able to enjoy some extraordinarily well-aged grain courtesy of Douglas Laing. Many of you let us know how much you enjoyed your Girvan grains on Day 18, so this second grain should cause a fair bit of excitement. These are whiskies that matured for over half a century for goodness sake! Enjoy, and have an absolutely fantastic Christmas one and all!

Whisky Advent Calendar

It’s Christmas Eve!

Tasting Note for North British 53 Year Old 1961 (cask 10708) – Xtra Old Particular (Douglas Laing):

Nose: Some welcome smoke upfront, like spent sparklers. Spicy with nutmeg especially, baked lemon wheels into boiled sweets, then as it opens up classic vanilla fudge. Almond Panettone and Sherried oak as you return to the glass.

Palate: Rich and oaky with lively, fruity rye spice then clove. Really spicy. Flamed orange peel, dark treacle and liquorice too.

Finish: Long and initially slightly fizzy with some freshness returning, like old fashioned lemonade. Soon it’s chewy dried fruits, especially dates.

Overall: An incredible grain whisky. An incredible whisky!

Douglas Laing Whisky Advent

Girvan 50 Year Old 1965 (cask 10896) – Xtra Old Particular (Douglas Laing) – 70cl, 43.7%

The Chaps at Master of Malt


* You may also have a 50 year old Invergordon from cask 10711.