Whisky Advent Calendar

Are you a superstitious sort of person? Would it concern you if you received a 13 year old whisky made with 13% heavily peated malt on day… 14? It seems Drinks by the Dram didn’t want to push their luck – who knows what would have happened if they’d placed this dram a day earlier in their Whisky Advent Calendar?! (Well, Whisky Santa and the Flying Spaghetti Monster probably know, but that was essentially a rhetorical question.)

Yes, it’s Jura Superstition today, a single malt made up of whiskies aged between 13 and 21 years from the small and “extremely unget-at-able” Isle of Jura. It’s an island that’s populated by many more red deer than humans (Jura or ‘Diùra’ literally meaning ‘deer island’), outnumbering the human population 30:1! Perhaps that’s why they are indeed a superstitious lot, the Duirach, only cutting peat before May and always building their haystacks in a clockwise direction – heaven forbid if the deer turned on them! For added good luck an Ankh cross features on the Superstition label. If you fancy getting hold of one yourself after tasting your dram, it’s recommended that you hold the bottle with the Ankh in the palm of your hand so some off the good fortune comes your way too.

Whisky Advent Calendar

A superstitious whisky behind window… 14. Phew!

Tasting Note for Isle Of Jura Superstition:

Nose: Initial gristy cereal gives way to evocative smoke and heady malt. It’s quite sweet and creamy, and reminds us of Chantilly cream.

Palate: Sweet and porridge-like. A cereal fest on the tongue, with hints of white pepper and black forest honey with hot buttered toast. Light and oily.

Finish: Medium length with cocoa and rice paper with hints of honey and spice on the tail.

Jura Superstition Whisky Advent

Isle Of Jura Superstition – 70cl, 43%

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