We’ve arrived at day 14 of Drinks by the Dram’s Whisky Advent Calendar, and today we’re going so far north even the Scots might begin to feel the cold!

Day #14 has rolled around, meaning there’s only 10 days left of #WhiskyAdvent… *sad face*. To appropriately begin our Final Countdown*, we’ve hopped over to Sweden for this dram.

Satisfying your need-for-Swede (sorry), behind window #14 of Drinks by the Dram’s Whisky Advent Calendar is… Mackmyra Brukswhisky (The Swedish Whisky)!

Mackmyra’s core expression is a light Swedish whisky matured primarily in first-fill bourbon barrels, but also includes whisky aged in sherry and Swedish oak casks, as well as some smokier malt, which all adds to the complexity.

*The band who sung this, Europe, are Swedish. Consider your mind blown.

Sweden’s finest!

Tasting note for Mackmyra Brukswhisky (The Swedish Whisky):

Nose: Soft, earthy aromas with notes of yellow fruit, bramble apple crumble and vanilla. A forest-floor character is present, with pine needles, sunflower seeds and light snippets of rye detectable.

Palate: Begins like a smooth, light bourbon. The predominant flavour is vanilla custard over a red and black berry compote. Lightly spiced with black pepper, and a touch of yellowing grass.

Finish: Light, fresh and spicy. Tangy oak lingers.

Overall: A bourbon-esque profile meets a Scandinavian, alfresco character for a really lovely little dram.

Following that trip to Sweden, we’re racing across the globe for our bonus peek at the Tequila Advent Calendar! Behind window #14, you’ll be finding a dram of Corazón Expresiones Reposado – Buffalo Trace Barrel (cask 12449)!

A masterclass in aged Tequila

Tasting note for Corazón Expresiones Reposado – Buffalo Trace Barrel (cask 12449):

Nose: Fizzy oak, caramelised agave, dry earth and a slowly developing note of cedar.

Palate: Grapefruit, creamy hazelnut, sandalwood and freshly chopped pine. A touch of tropical fruit sweetness and white pepper.

Finish: Subtle mineral notes, classic bourbon-cask vanilla, dill and sage too.

Our whistle-stop tour of global spirits producers is done for the day! What joys will tomorrow hold..?