We’re Goin’ To Islay!

Message in a bottle

Feis Ile is almost upon us once again and to celebrate our third visit to The Islay Whisky Festival, we will be running 3 Competitions (count ‘em) for all those souls lucky enough to be joining us on the Hebridean island between 24th May and 2nd June 2013!

We will also be releasing a brand new bottling from That Boutique-y Whisky Company: a Caol Ila! Schwiing! This new release will be up for grabs on Islay as well as other prizes. To see how you can get in on the action, read on…


Wayne of Wayne's World

Sultan of Schwing


Competition 1:
Flag Down the Malt Mobile

If you accost us on the roads of Islay or find us in the infamous Malt Mobile anywhere on the island (we’ll be at all the distillery days) you can win yourself a free dram of the brand-new Caol Ila, a limited edition T-shirt and probably some other gubbins, too… who knows?


Malt Mobile

If you see this, Do The Signal


Competition 2:
Lost Distillery Dog

Our little dog “Peaty” is bold and feisty; he loves to go on adventures around whisky distilleries, but he’s often so distracted by all the goings-on that he forgets to return to us!

If you find him (you’ll spot him because he’s a soft-toy dog dressed in a fetching Master of Malt T-shirt), at any of the distilleries on Islay and return him to us, we’re offering a reward: a full, 50cl bottle of the brand-new Caol Ila from That Boutique-y Whisky Company. If little Peaty takes a liking to you, we may even let you become his new owner too.


Master of Malt Lost Dog

Oh Peaty! Please come home.


Competition 3:
Islay Treasure Hunt – Back to the Future

The best is saved until last: we have received word that Dr. E. Brown from Hill Valley sent out 12 messages in bottles back in 1955 that should soon wash up on the beaches of Islay. Each of the 12 bottles contains a secret message addressed to whoever finds it!

Thanks to the Doc’s prestigious forward planning, we will be able to release a map with the locations of the 12 bottles at precisely 10:04 PM on the 24th of May, 2013. Pictures will also appear on Twitter. Those who find the hidden bottles will receive secret instructions and face a series of challenges that they must overcome if they are to help Doc Brown get “back in time”…

Meanwhile, every person who finds one of the 12 messages in bottles and presents it to us will receive a full bottle of the new Caol Ila bottling from That Boutique-y Whisky Company! (A competition within a competition. Nice.)

The one person who is finally able to help the Doc will be the winner of the Islay Treasure Hunt competition, an achievement that shall be forever immortalised on the label of the next release from That Boutique-y Whisky Company: a Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Laphroaig!


Laphroaig Distillery Back to the Future

The Malt Mobile parked outside the Laphroaig distillery


Laphroaig Distillery Back to the Future

– Time travel? People being immortalised? More lightning? Surely this blog post is about me???
– Go home Connor, you’re drunk.

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7 comments on “We’re Goin’ To Islay!”

  1. Andreas Theodoulou says:

    giveaways and competitions to include us here in Cyprus?

  2. Well… you never know what might happen while we’re on Islay!

  3. Gary Dunsire says:

    Can’t wait guys!

    That Cao Ila’s got my name all over it (and the Laphroaig has my face all over it).

    Look forward to seing you there.


  4. Kavey says:

    Oh yes, I’ve practiced the signal, I’m ready.

  5. jonathan fialka says:

    planning to come visit!

  6. jonathan fialka says:

    planning to come visit

  7. Patrik says:

    We won´t let you by on the Kildaltonroad this year…
    …and we might hold a hostage-dog….

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