We support Ukraine in their justified struggle to repel a foreign invasion by Russian armed forces at the direction of Vladimir Putin.

Putin is a murderous totalitarian despot who must be stopped, and we will do what little we can to support efforts to undermine him and his war effort, while taking care not to impact the vast majority of innocent Russians who hate Putin and hate this war.

Our quarrel is not with the good people of Russia, it is with Putin and those who support and enable him.

Therefore, effective immediately, we are suspending the sale of any brands where a significant beneficial owner has substantial links to or supports Putin or his murderous regime.

We are also in the process of labelling any brands where the majority beneficial owner of the UK distributor has substantial links to or supports Putin so that our customers can make an informed decision about whether they wish to buy them. 

This will continue until such time as hostilities end or the beneficial owner withdraws their support and makes a public statement denouncing Putin and his war.

As such, we are currently in the process of suspending and flagging products across our site.  Please let us know of any brands we’ve missed by emailing [email protected].

Our thoughts and hearts are with the brave people of Ukraine as they struggle valiantly to resist this senseless aggression.



Founder, CEO