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That’s right, as you may have noticed we now have hundreds of delicious beers, from classic Trappist ales and Pilsners to craft IPAs, APAs, Porters and more! We’ve long admired the beer world, and the craft brewing movement in particular, and thought it was high time whisky’s brewed cousin was ‘properly’ represented on the site.

We are Master of Malt, after all…


1. Grain, usually barley, that has been allowed to sprout, used chiefly in brewing and distilling.
2. An alcoholic beverage, such as beer or ale, brewed from malt.
3. See malted milk.
v. malt·ed, malt·ing, malts
1. To process (grain) into malt.
2. To treat or mix with malt or a malt extract.
To become malt.
[Middle English, from Old English mealt; see mel- in Indo-European roots.]


We didn’t just want to ‘chuck some beers on the site’, though. No, Sir. We’ve added new sections to the Nav bar and Beer page that allow you to search by Beer Style, Hop Varietal used, Country or individual Brewery to find the perfect beer for you, whether that’s a Smog Rocket Smoked Porter from Beavertown, an Albino Squid Assassin from BrewDog or an Augustiner-Bräu Lagerbier Hell! You’ll also find Brewery, Style and Hop info, whilst on on the product pages there are Tasting Notes and Hop Varietals listed to further help you choose, because, as you know, #goodenoughisnt.

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