Do you like booze? Do you like trivia? Then why not combine the two by taking part in our online computer-powered thoroughly-modern pub quiz.  Everyone who enters will get a discount code and one winner a £25 off voucher.  How brilliant is that?

It’s the very last pub quiz of May. Wow, that month flew past. Or maybe it didn’t, hard to know these days. Anyway, it is definitely Friday so it is time to do another pub quiz. This week’s quiz is all about pop culture and Piña Coladas, probably our two favourite things. You can find the answers to last week’s quiz here. Right, let’s get on with this week’s quiz. As usual, it’s strict pub quiz rules, no typing the answers into Bing, Yahoo or Ask Jeeves, or getting help from your pals on Myspace.

Simply click the button below, and quizzing with commence.


Will the pubs be open soon?