Well, all good things have to come to an end, so we are sorry to announce that this is the last edition of the MoM virtual pub quiz. Next weekend, real pubs will opening so you can interact with real people in real life as long as you don’t stand too near them. As usual everyone who enters will get a discount code and one winner a £25 off voucher.  

Apparently last week’s quiz was too easy as so many people got full marks. Or perhaps MoM customers are just getting more cleverer. Whichever it is, we’ve decided for the last ever edition to make the questions much harder. Yes, it’s this week we bid farewell to virtual fun as Britain’s pubs, restaurants, bars, dives and joints will be opening on 4 July. Or at least some of them will be open, with restrictions in place such as no dancing or kissing strangers. Anyway! As usual it’s strict pub quiz rules. No Google! You can find the answers to last week’s quiz here. We hope you’ve enjoyed these quizzes as much as we have.

Simply click the button below, and get quizzing. For the very last time!


Pretend you’re in Venice this weekend and make a Bicicletta