Do you  think you know a bit about booze? Well, why not put your knowledge to the test in our weekly pub quiz? There’s some easy questions, some difficult ones and some that look easy but are actually difficult. All entries will get a discount code and one winner a £25 off voucher. Prizes all round!

It’s the return of the Master of Malt pub quiz. Last week was the most popular ever though we noticed that some people didn’t leave their email addresses. No email addresses, no prizes, so please do fill in that bit of the form. You can find the answers to last week’s quiz here. Right, enough preamble, no more beating about the bush, let’s get on with this week’s quiz. As usual, it’s strict pub quiz rules, no Google, phoning a friend or asking the audience.

Simply click the button below, and computerised quiz magic will happen.



This is what a beer in a pub looks like, in case you’d forgotten